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Comment Re:Do the right thing - stand against Trump's bigo (Score 1) 952

This is the "Skittles" argument. If you're not familiar with why this is a poor metaphor for immigration or refugee programs... I'm reminded of teaching pigs to sing and horses that don't drink.

Irrational fears and logical fallacies aside, this is the land of the free and home of the brave, as we proudly proclaim. I'm brave enough to accept the risk that I might be living next to a psychopath because I like the neighborhood - this assumes my neighbor is a psychopath, a poor assumption taken purely on its merits. And I want others to have the same freedoms that I have - because altruism isn't just something cute to observe on nature programs.

Wanting freedom for others is patriotism. Only wanting freedom for those fortunate enough to be born in our country is something else entirely.

Comment Re:Surprising display of ignorance... (Score 1) 296

I'm surprised that Utah isn't in on this. I suspect that they are waiting to file an even more frivolous and doomed lawsuit after this one is defeated.

Hey, give my home state some credit - it seems Idaho only makes the news when our citizens or government does something stupid. Gov "ignorant fucking hillbilly" Otter and AG Wasden $800k of taxpayer funds fighting same-sex marriage when AGs in most other states said, "That's a losing case, we're not pursuing it."

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