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Comment Re:Stolen? Steam? (Score 1) 264

Again, it means to take without permission. It doesn't imply to deprive another of ownership. And the idea of "stealing one's ideas" has existed before any of your fancy digital copies and it meant the same thing then. It is a possible case of what it meant and it has been going on, again, for generations.

Comment Re:Hysterical Quote from Legislator (Score 1) 321

Choke, now, on your own lack of foresight.

Choke on your own lack of foresight. Any "rage" coming from establish political entities is nothing more than pandering with absolutely no intentions of righting these wrongs. Just like how the left in the US howled with anger at the Patriot Act who are now tight lipped since it has become a tool of the Obama administration. The right will be no different if they take power in the next election. They'll cry foul today and abuse the law tomorrow.

We will be bogged down in this quagmire for as long as people keep believing in the concept of the lesser of two evils and the evils can keep pointing the finger at the other saying "but they did it first." Not to even mention the idiocy of the sheep when they feel that presidents don't veto laws that they're "against" to try to maintain some balance in power. Total garbage.

Comment Re:After buying iPad, how do you afford a PC? (Score 1) 692

The vast majority of the world doesn't care about "a device for creating." In your case this is saying "coding" but you felt the need to skirt the term for an unknown reason.

Most people who "create" content with their computers aren't coding with them. They're working on writings, videos, photos and music. Tablets are doing this today. This will continue to be the case.

even if it weren't true? Yes, the vast majority of those who own tablets today are very happy simply consuming content.

Comment Re:Woah, wait a minute... (Score 2) 435

You don't understand. It's easier to make up a new definition to fit the conditions than it is to have the conditions fit the current definition.

And in this way if they do raise the minimum wage they can have all kinds of nifty headlines that show that the middle class has been bolstered to higher numbers than we've since the 70s.

Comment Re:If it's cheaper it's still good (Score 5, Insightful) 438

"One true solution" arguments (it doesn't replace every use so it's useless!) don't help solve problems.

True but pointing out how a solution doesn't solve every aspect of every problem is what gets a post modded up around here. This reinforcement of short-sightedness keeps rearing it's ugly head with nearly every article. Thus even people who know better are still prone to postings such as this just because they know it'll be modded up. The cycle continues and we help to breed a new generation of cynics who don't think that things getting a little better today is a worthwhile goal if it's not the future promised to them by the most optimistic sci-fi stories.

Welcome to Slashdot.

Comment Re:pretty broad (Score 2) 364

if they need money they should just put a small tax on all services

Don't worry, it'll come to that. While I do agree that the slippery slope scheme doesn't work in every situation, the government has it down to an art. What's worse off is that this tax has nothing to do with anything in this system of business that is causing an undue burden on the government. They're doing it as just another money grab.

As a person gets fatter they need to take in more calories to maintain their fatness. As the government becomes fatter they need to suck off the production of the (for now) free people to maintain their overreach. In the long run, both lead to decreased quality of life and an early death.

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