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Comment Re:I can but hope (Score 1) 372

The picture in TFA seems to show a modern full cutoff fixture (i.e. a fixture designed so that the light only projects down and sideways, not upward.) Hopefully they will resist the temptation of thinking "well, LED lights use less energy so lets put brighter LEDs in!" that has happened in other communities that replace their lighting with LEDs.

Comment Re:Wait whut? (Score 5, Informative) 55

Most of the compensation is done in the optics of the scope, not on the pixels in the acquired image. In short, a laser is aimed at the sky and imaged, and the mirror itself (usually the secondary) is bent to compensate for the distortion to make the image of the laser as sharp as possible. Since you're aiming the scope at the same portion of the sky as the laser, the compensation works for the stars in that area of the sky. This happens hundreds of times a second (the atmosphere has this annoying habit of being turbulent). It's pretty amazing technology, but to say that it's "photoshopping" is like saying that focusing a camera is "photoshopping."

Yes, the image goes through some noise cleanup, but so does the image from your DSLR, your point-and-shoot or even your cellphone cam.

Comment Re:The "C" suffix and programming memories (Score 1) 318

My parents had an HP-25C. I had a lot of fun with it (moon lander FTW!) Later they also bought a 19C and the 25C became mine. Don't know what happened to it. Now I have a 32S II at work (holdover from my college days) which is mostly used to convert between number bases, and a 48GX at home. I still think in terms of X Y Z T which makes using the 48GX a little tougher (Where's XY? Oh, it's called SWAP now!)

Comment Re:Whose lifetime? (Score 1) 327

I'm just coincidentally going through an RMA on my 2 1/2 year old EVGA 8800GT card. Card broke on Friday, I contacted their tech support the same evening. On Saturday I got a reply from tech support saying to start the RMA process, I uploaded an image of my Newegg invoice and went through their web form. On Sunday (!!!) the RMA was approved. Sounds like pretty good service to me. I had registered the card withing 30 days of buying it - I think that greases the wheels a lot.
Open Source

Bluecherry Releases GPL'd MPEG-4 Driver 45

azop writes "Today Bluecherry released a GPL'd driver for its multiple-input MPEG-4 hardware compression cards. The driver supports audio and video capture from 4-, 8-, and 16-channel single-card encoders using the Video4Linux and ALSA APIs. More information about the driver and its features can be found on Bluecherry's development blog and on Ben Collins' personal blog. Bluecherry is the first Linux software company to release a complete driver based on Linux kernel APIs (Video4Linux and ALSA) for multiple-input hardware-compressed MPEG-4 capture cards under the GPL. The cards are designed for security applications (digital video recording), but other applications could potentially make use of the compressed streams and Video4Linux API integration. An H.264 version is 'in the works.'"

Comment Re:The terms of service conflict (Score 2, Insightful) 482

Or am I just not getting something?

Yes - the Apple iPhone SDK rules also specify that if you build anything using it, you cannot distribute it through any means other than the App Store, therefore violating the clause of the GPL that says there can be no other restrictions on distribution (section 6 of the GPL version 2, section 10 of the GPL version 3.)

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