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Comment Re:The solution is.. (Score 1) 144

My old site had rounded corners in 1997

... by using tons of nested tables and images (but not background images, mind you -- those weren't around in '97). Which means more requests and a more complicated document for the browser to render. You may think you're a badass web designer for doing that, but in reality you were just adding load time for your users. Photoshop probably did all the work for you anyway.

...they come to your site for its content

If that was true, then all websites would be black serif font on a white background with a standardize navigation either to the left or top of the page. No animations other than videos. Back in the real world, websites are the new storefront. They are usually the very first thing a potential customer will see when engaging with a company. The presentation is EVERYTHING.

I wish Hypertext meant what it was designed to mean, but it doesn't. Websites are not documents nor are they always content driven, yet "the document" was all HTML was ever designed to handle. Who is to blame if not the W3C?

Comment Re:Yep, more of the same (Score 2) 200

...we need true leaders who understand industry.

So more industry shills... meet the new boss...

Unfortunately, most of America shares that point of view, which is only a problem because most of America shares that point of view...

That's because its usually the case. I can't even count the number of times I've called or emailed Feinstein, yet she's still off in her own world. I can count the number of times I voted for her: 0.

Let people know you are standing up for what is right

And they usually just pass us off as idealistic soapboxers. Try explaining net neutrality to any random person. They'll laugh you off the sidewalk and into the gutter with the anarchists and birthers before you get past "common carrier".

Perhaps I have a naive point of view of it, but it's better than rolling over and giving up.

INCREDIBLY naive. Money runs politics, and most money is in the hands of very few people. Until money is out of politics, or the distribution of wealth gets even (hahahahaha) we're fucked. Voting only makes a difference when the candidates aren't pre-selected.


Submission + - League of Legends Joins the Fight Against SOPA and (

mmaniaci writes: "Yesterday, Riot Games (the makers of the PC game League of Legends) announced their opposition for SOPA and PROTECT IP on their in-game news feed and forum. The article goes on to explain how SOPA and PROTECTIP would affect their players, and contains a link to the EFF's anti-SOPA action page."

Comment Re:trollish but... (Score 1) 465

Same here. I bought an iPod Touch a week before the App store update. When I found out there was no way around the $20 fee to get the update, I immediately sold the iPod on craigslist (it was a piece of shit anyway). I haven't bought anything from Apple since, and don't ever plan to. I won't stand for their endless cycle of screwing the customer.

Comment Re:Wow, way to move the goalposts... (Score 1) 1162

What do you think will be in the next consoles??

My guess is solid state (back to game cartridges) coupled with even more downloadable content. The next generation of console will see much larger hard drives as the standard since online game stores have become so popular.

IMO, spinning media is slowly on its way out. Computers hardly need them anymore and it would be reasonable to say that movies are headed to solid state way also. I'd give 'em another 5 years of relevance, 10 years until obscurity.

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