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Comment Re:The idiocy of the reporting (Score 1) 178

There are already internet enabled light bulbs and they have Security issues. Now in this case it appears that its just breaking into the bulbs mesh network and the manufacturer has released a fix, but most users won't apply it and what happens if they drop the product or just go out of business? The threat could easily more like the WiFi Kettle hack

Comment Re:The idiocy of the reporting (Score 1) 178

I think the more general problem with the IoT is that it's putting a vast population of ageing, unpatched and unmaintained computers onto the Internet running applications who's sole aim is to get them to market ASAP. I would expect a fridge to last anything up to 15 years I don't see Microsoft supporting Windows 98, LED lightbulbs should last 25 years and at end of life would be running the equivalent of Windows 3.1. Probably the only good thing is that at least its not a monocluture :-(

Comment Re:Need more information (Score 1) 497

I've make a habit of trolling the "There is something wrong with your computer" scams (I get a call ever 3-6 months and string them along for fun/public service)

I'd say about 50% actually know there running a scam, these will put the phone down the moment I start stringing them along (Me:Just a mo while I turn on my computer. Them: [click]). The other %50 act bewildered and answer back when I do the reveal and tell them I know its a scam, if they were in on it they would just ring off and get to the next call.

Its quite interesting to watch how their script develops. Originally they would talk me through opening event viewer so they can show me all the thousands of your computer is going to die warnings.... now they go straight for the logmein and the like. I used to have great fun pertending to boot a Windows 3.1 box and fire up Mosaic (with lots of crashes stringing it out). I'm going to have to perpare a virual machine so the can log in... I'm not sure what theme to go with ... eyewatering medical images for wallpaper, something that looks like a police or gangster computer or perhaps a straight linux box with a windows8 skin on it

Comment Dramatron (Score 1) 246

I built a little sound server for my (tabletop) RPG now my players can summon up dramatic reveal, sad trombone, twilight zone etc at the push of a button (for bonus points I'm now using the same code for a work project)

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