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Comment Re:Simple... (Score 1) 120

Github could require a particular license for pubic repositories if they wanted. I actually think it might even be a good idea. Not a specific license, but requiring that public repo's must specify one of a particular set of "open" licenses.

They would probably have to implement this by requiring that a license be specified for any newly created public repository, and by giving existing public repositories a deadline by which they would have to specify a license or be "disabled". Disabled as in no one can push/pull or fork the repository.

The hardest part I think is going to be existing forks of disabled repositories. Actually even going forward I'm not sure what that means. Does the "owner" of a fork get to change the license on github? What does that mean? Damn, copyright is a godawful mess and I would like it to be very different, but at the very least I'd like copyright to only apply to registered items like it did before the 1986 Berne Convention (see the wikipedia article) and require a copyright notice.

Comment Re:Booo, hissss (Score 2) 250

Yeah I agree, I've had to find ways to "undo" most of their UI changes in the last couple of years.

I like my statusbar with add-on info on the bottom of the window. I didn't like losing the statusbar but at least there still was an addon bar I could use for the info at the bottom of the window. I don't want add-on info being moved to the top toolbar area.

I like having a forward/back dropdown so that I can see where I am in my back/forward history and select how far forward or back to go next. I had to install the addon Backward/Forward History Dropdown 0.2.4 to get this functionality back.

I like my tabs underneath the addressbar, fortunately about:config lets me put that back urlbar.trimURLs false
I don't really want part of the url greyed out; about:config urlbar.formatting.enabled false

I like to see the http: or https: prefix in my addressbar

I like having a menu bar which fortunately still exists. I hope this change doesn't plan to remove it.

Of course I also don't ever use the browser fullscreen. It's a little nuts on a 1200x1960 monitor.

Mostly firefox has let me keep the UI features that I want. It does sound like this is an update that I may not want to install however. And that will suck, because I don't really like chrome or IE. I could go check out opera, but I'm skeptical about it.

Comment Re:Store this! (Score 2) 157

So I actually went and read the article. Turns out that people are misinterpreting what is happening (I know, shocking!)

Amazon is splitting out the music from their current Cloud Drive and moving it to this new "Cloud Player" where they are doing some of this stuff w/ 256kbps copies and whatnot.

However going forward, they have 2 different cloud services, Drive and Player. Drive is for files and the Cloud Player clients do not connect to it. If you upload a music file to your Cloud Drive (from this point forward) it will not be found by their Cloud Player client. And they are still giving a free 5GB Cloud Drive out.

If you buy music from Amazon it is no longer going to be available on the Cloud Drive, it will now "only" be available on the Cloud Player (server). In addition the free Cloud Player will contain ALL Amazon purchased mp3s and also allows you to upload 250 other songs (note that they limit the number of songs not the size of the song files).

It seems that the conversion of existing songs on people's Cloud Drives is just to move them to Cloud Player. What I don't know is if they will also delete those music files from your Cloud Drive, or if they leave them for you to delete.

Comment HP Veer perfect size (Score 1) 660

Actually I've got an HP Veer which I really love. It is the perfect size (not for general surfing the web, but for checking email, the all important google to name an actor, and for just carrying around in my pocket).

I really like the Web OS also, and it really sucks that HP released the phone and then killed it 2 months later (I did buy a 2nd one because there's nothing else being sold right now that compares!)

Now if I was carrying the phone in a bag of some sort, a bigger phone probably wouldn't be an issue. However even a 4 inch screen really isn't big enough for comfortable web browsing, I think you need a 7" tablet for that.

Comment Re:Charges? (Score 1) 537

Those are the 2 questions I really wanted answered. You'd think the article would answer them, but strangely it does not!?!

I don't have much of a problem w/ most of the original response, but I really have to question the handcuffs.

It does seem that a little thought would lead someone to think that the likelihood of it being an explosive device was extremely small.

It was left behind on the plane, that means that it was on the plane since the plane departed. A terrorist would have detonated it while the plane was full, not left it behind to blow up a mostly empty plane.


Experiment Shows Not Washing Jeans for 15 Months is Disgusting But Safe 258

dbune writes "Young people who argue with their parents over wearing the same pair of smelly jeans can now cite the work of a 20-year old University of Alberta student who wore the same jeans for 15 months straight. From the article: 'Josh Le wore the same pair of jeans to break in the raw denim, so it would wrap the contours of his body, leaving distinct wear lines. He had his textile professor test the jeans for bacteria before washing them for the first time. The results showed high counts of five different kinds of bacteria, but nothing in the range of being considered a health hazard."

Comment Re:If FB does become the SSO, at least do it right (Score 1) 314

I've thought about trying to set up my own OpenID server, but I don't understand the pieces and how they fit together or what exactly I'd need to do. I don't think I'm as hopeless as that sounds, but I did read a bunch about OpenID a while ago and didn't completely grok it.

What you're doing sounds really interesting could you tell me a little more about how it's set up? Perhaps if you know of some reference links?


Comment Re:delete key? what? (Score 1) 391

I must say I was happy to see others have the same response I had to the parenthetical (along with the Insert/Delete pair) in the story.

As a lefty who uses the mouse w/ their left hand, the Ctrl-Insert for copy Shift-Insert for paste, and shift-Delete for cut are much more accessible (because they use the right hand) than the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-X keys which would require me to take my left hand off the mouse to press.

I always try to make sure both sets of keys work in apps I develop.

Moving the caps lock somewhere obscure I agree with :-), perhaps next to the key I use about as much, the Scroll Lock key.

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