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Comment Re:Game engine? (Score 1) 199

According to Revista Tino :

Para su producción se utiliza el Visual Studio 2005 y el lenguaje de programación Visual C++. Que aunque es de licencia propietario, para la construcción y para el manejo del motor de juego 3D, es el más efectivo. También se utiliza el lenguaje de script Simkin. El motor Génesis 3D y el kit de herramientas de Génesis 3D son utilizados para el diseño y comportamiento de la plataforma de juego, el MilkShape 3D 1.8.1 y el 3D Studios Max 9.0 se utilizan para el diseño y animaciones 3D, el Adobe Suite CSS 3 se emplea en el tratamiento gráfico 2D, el Sony Vegas 5.0, el Fruity Loops y el SoundForge son utilizados para el tratamiento de video y sonido.

People without Spanish skills can probably just look at the capitalized words and get the idea.

Comment at least try calling verizon (Score 2) 270

I was in Canada last summer for a couple of weeks, and Verizon offered me fairly reasonable data (and voice, fwiw) roaming rates. They even automatically canceled the plan on the day I was scheduled to return to the US without me having to make another call to customer service. Most Verizon reps have actually heard of Canada. It's not like you're traveling across the ocean or anything.

By “fairly reasonable,” of course, I still mean too much money, but still less than signing up for an entirely new prepaid plan with a Canadian carrier. Call them up, see how much money they want, and then make your comparisons from there.

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