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Comment Re:Read the article comments (Score 1) 422

Two replies to this:

* Capitalism or free enterprise or whatever you want to call it isn't really a human-invented economic system. "Capitalism" is just the label that Karl Marx successfully slapped on naturally-occurring economic competitive and cooperative activity among humans.

* What planned, invented economic system would even concern itself with something as non-life-essential as trying to provide a fair, pleasant life to all game developers? A central planner wouldn't even give most game developers a chance to try their ideas out. Have you ever seen the websites showing the toys that the U.S.S.R. toy companies foisted on poor little Soviet children?

Comment Re:That's not even what this debate is about (Score 1) 872

You're confusing two different lines of argument. One questioning whether anthropogenic climate change is occurring. The second questioning proposed political solutions to climate change. It's understandable that you confuse the two because there is overlap in the groups of people making the two arguments, but not complete overlap.

The important point is that the second line of questioning is perfectly legitimate. You can't just brush off questions about whether proposed political solutions are a good idea or not by lumping everyone into the category of "denier".

Comment Why skeptics aren't skeptical about politics? (Score 1) 872

"The Bad Astronomer". You're Phil Plait, right? I've heard you interviewed many times on the Skepticality podcast. I think you're a great guy and on "the side of the angels", BUT...

You seem to have the same mental block a lot of skeptics have when it comes to politics. The climate change debate is about more than whether the science is correct. The science may well be correct, but the political solutions proposed by politicians may be bad ideas. They are SEPARATE QUESTIONS. One can be a supporter of science, but still skeptical about politics.

The Climategate scandal is also about more than whether this or that scientist deliberately engaged in unethical conduct. It has also called into question whether there was just plain old incompetence involved, not necessarily with any deliberate malice.

Comment Re:yes and no (Score 1) 773

A couple of questions:

* Who are these people who know what strong regulations should be put in place to make the economy work? How do we tell them apart from your average person walking around?

* Have you heard of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act? Which administration put this huge expansion of business regulation in place?

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