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Comment I had the same scenario 5 years ago (Score 1) 272

I had this same dilemma five years ago. I've done the linux and windows server route, and the best I have found in terms of making it wife-friendly is to stick with windows. This holds true for a couple other things as well. If you're familiar with linux and know the software you need to rip DVD's, Music, etc then you'd be find going that route. But if you want to get this up and running with minimal effort you're going to find a lot more help on Google for windows software when it comes to ripping your media. As for what interface to use, this is up to you. I have done everything from having the PC hooked straight to the TV, to then using my XBOX to access it, to now using a Smart TV (one with PLEX, one with the built in DLNA app) to view my media. Hard drives are cheap, go buy a 1, or 2, or whatever TB hard drive fits your needs and stick it in an old computer and start throwing your media on it. If you want to hook the computer straight to the TV, XBMC is a great interface (the Android beta is now out but I haven't tried it yet). If you have an XBOX or PS3 or DLNA capable TV, just put the files into appropriate folders and share them and you'll be able to browse them from the device.

Comment Odd and I disagree (Score 1) 305

I think this is a bit of a play on statistics. You can make data read whatever you want, you can make conclusions seem valid by leaving certain info out, etc. There is a tremendous uptick in smart phone users, and with all the major mobile os'es there is a bunch of games. However, these games are mainly ways to pass the time waiting on a bus, in an airport, or during a boring meeting. There are a lot of games on the DS/PSP designed to do this, and some users will probably stick with just a smart phone in the future, true gamers will continue to purchase and use the DS/PSP for the games that are more involved.

Comment The Future Envisioned (Score 1) 135

When I first read about "Kinect" I immediately jumped forward several iterations. What I expect from gaming hardware is the eventual ability to play a FPS game standing, holding fake guns, pointing them at the screen. We'll probably still need a joystick on the gun to turn completely around, but imagine how much fun this will be? There will be many other uses for the technology, but considering how well FPS games sell, I consider this the ultimate goal. We may even be able to switch from a rifle to a pistol by putting down one controller and picking up another; I'm hoping this is what the future holds.

Comment Tricks like this.... (Score 1) 338

Are why I won't be subscribing for Hulu Plus. I currently use netflix streaming and love it. I was extremely excited to see Hulu coming to the 360, but they are going to charge for it and keep the ads. This makes netflix better in my opinion, even if content is limited. Someone else will come along and beat Hulu at what they do, and they'll become sub-par or disappear.

Comment Re:Give up the past (Score 1) 348

I have Netflix, I don't subscribe to basic cable. I'm aware of the offerings out there now. However, they are either overpriced or not 'nicely packaged'. Netflix is awesome on the 360. I use it almost every day between my wife and me watching shows/movies or my daughter watching kids shows. I know there's alternatives to cable out there. I'm saying that the ones clutching the archaic delivery methods need to embrace technology and use it to better their service. Imagine if they didn't piss and moan about 'local markets' and all the problems advertising brings to the table. We could have some truly great entertainment delivered to our home on demand. Live events, pre-recorded, etc. It's all hindered bc everyone wants to get their dime.

Comment Give up the past (Score 1) 348

Why can't content providers innovate? Technology has come so far in the past 20+ years, and they've fought it tooth and nail. Instead of continuing to fight it, innovate by coming up with new delivery methods, and in the process figure out new ways to make money. A la carte, pay per show per season, instant movie rental, these are all simple ideas. I'm sure someone getting paid as part of their job can come up with some more creative things.

Comment WinMo, Zune, etc (Score 1) 345

I used to own a Motorola Q running Windows Mobile. The phone was great, and at the time was quite a step forward for cell phones. Now, I've got an android based phone, and while I think android is great and intend to support it, I see Microsoft being able to take a lot of customers from android in the corporate world. Blackberries have a good foot hold, but since MS owns and wants to support exchange, they can make Windows Mobile phones easier to interact with exchange whereas google makes it difficult because they want you to migrate to their system. Summary - Windows mobile is not bad, and stands a good chance at being a serious competitor. I also agree the Zune wasn't the success it should have been just because of who was backing it likely.

Comment think of it from this perspectiveperspective (Score 1) 266

Before gettinflg my android phone I might have agreed....hut what the op is missing is that Google isn't trying to beat windows at their own game.....Google is reinventing the wheel. Android hanged the way I not only use my phone, but the way I look a laptops and how they could be. Think of all your parents and grandparents who just want to get a few things done on a computer, think of therlir desktops full of shortcuts, it resembles an android desktop. Sure, for windows and Linux power users chrome OS may seem simple, but for your average person who thinks ram is an animal and doesn't know the difference between dvi and d-sub, etc, chrome OS could be a wonderful interface to computers and the web.

Comment Re:Dirty or Flirty (Score 1) 408

This pisses you off as a father of daughters... how do you think us women gamers feel?

In this poor economy, probably excited! Paid to do what you enjoy (video games), and all you have to do is flirt with someone too!

Comment Habitat for Humanity (Score 1) 366

I would look to see if you can find a local Habitat for Humanity. I participated when I was in college, they do different things but mostly volunteers build houses for people who need them. There is a waiting list for people to get/purchase the houses, but the work is rewarding and they accept volunteers of all skill levels. If you are not crafty with carpentry, or drywall, etc, then you can always do manual labor (carrying supplies, yard work to prepare outside, etc).

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