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Journal Journal: More on Google

I was getting a little spooked out about all the Google image requests coming for that one specific photo, so I decided to fiddle things a bit.

The photo of my son sleeping still shows up in an initial google search, but now when you click on it, you get a monkey photo.

I'm sure it has confused a few people! Hopefully the renamed to non-descript terms original photo doesn't get into Googles index the same way!

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Journal Journal: Google thoughts

I like Google. Not quite strong enough. My internet depends on Google! That's better.

But I really don't understand how their image searches work. I'm pretty satisfied by the results of my searches, but what astounds me is the results of the searches coming to my site.

I have a small website about Kenya and my experiences there. Google has tracked it fairly well, and usually I find that people get what they are looking for in text searches.

Image searches are a different matter. I have one photo of my four year old son, asleep. People come to it based on all sort of search terms. Granted, some of them are valid based on the text around the photo, but why are some of the invalid ones repeated over and over.

How about "Tired old Men"? Huh?

"Young boys sleeping" is valid, but I'm not sure that the searchers are getting what they wanted.

"Old men dancing"

"Sleeping on the beach"

"White boys"

"I WANT TO SEE PHOTOS WITH BOYS AND THEIR AGE 13" I don't think he got what he was looking for.

"7 o'clock clock" Pardon?

"grandpa asleep"

"young boys on beach" Not far off, I suppose.

"go for a walk" while sleeping?

"children sleeping" Ah, accurate for once!

"children getting along" My kids? are you sure?

"me boys day" OK, whatever.

"boys school" Sorry, it was vacation.

"pretty boys" Um, please stay away from my kids.

"small beds for children" I don't mind you looking, but I'm afraid this page won't help much!

"very young little boys" I can't help to wonder...

"very nice hotel" Yes, it was, but what does that have to do with my son asleep?

"pictures of tired children" Ah! right on.

"boys hard" Away you pervert!

"dozing" Fine, but I don't use that word in the filename, the caption, or the text.

"climbing in school" Huh? how'd that get in there?

"children swimming" Warning: swimming while asleep is dangerous!

"warm colors"

"digestive system" OK, that takes the cake. Yes, an all-inclusive resort can be hard on the digestive system, but why did it pick out this picture?

"children dance room" Why did it pick this photo out of the page? Lots of others associated with the page that contains those words in different places.


That is from the last couple weeks logs. It gets worse!

It seems that if something in the text points to that page, that photo is the one that gets chosen. I don't understand it, but I do keep wondering why people who have typed in those search terms go the next step and select that image to see the context.

Perhaps Google has some fine tuning to do, but I have to say thanks for the wonderful tools they've provided.

See the logs, formatted a little.

Michael 2002-11-12

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Journal Journal: About Me

I'm a geek of Engineering (Electrical) with an unhealthy interest in computers -- so my wife thinks, anyway.

Home computers include my primary server, a used IBM PII 233 clocked at 266, my old server a 486/66 that served well for several years. Both run Redhat 7.3. The main computer interface I end up using is A PIII/850 which normally runs Win98, and gets rebooted once a day or so. While I can live mostly in Linux, I don't have time to fiddle getting my kids games running under wine, and I'm not ready to switch to a video editing under Linux.

The $10 yard sale special Tandy 102 is my portable computer. My wife wanted to be able to type and edit a journal from a recent trip rather than write it, then type it. The old tandy was great for that. Sixteen hours on a set of AA batteries was a great plus!

I grew up in Kenya, where my parents were missionaries. I'm presently in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, working as an Engineer at a nuclear plant.

My specialty is Environmental Qualification, which has nothing to do with computers other than lots of documents and a few databases. I've still managed to get Apache running on my computer with a web interface written in Perl to our main database!

That's enough about me for now. I'll add in some future plans later.


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