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Submission + - How do I get Microsoft to get up off their asses & look at a Windows 10 prob ( 4

mykepredko writes: My product communicates with a host system via Bluetooth (using the Serial Port Profile) and each time a device is connected to a PC a couple of serial ports are allocated. Windows has always had a problem with not automatically disposing of the allocated ports when the connection is removed, but until Windows 10, there were processes for deleting them. This isn't possible for Windows 10 (which apparently has new Serial/Com port and/or Bluetooth drivers) — but individuals, who are apparently working for Microsoft, periodically reply with useless suggestions or attempt to promote questions and ideas as solutions to the problem: I suspect that this is an issue for all Windows 10 users (although I guess few people are plugging/unplugging devices) — so how do we get Microsoft to take notice (and not have to pay for them to fix their bug)?

Comment Re:No equal? (Score 2) 665

My understanding is that AdBlock on Chrome doesn't work the same as it does on Firefox. On Firefox it blocks the downloading of black-listed items; on Chrome it just blocks the rendering. So your browser still makes bandwidth-wasting requests to ad-brokers, and sends and receives cookies to them, you just don't see the results. Which is not really the same thing.

Comment Re:get a mythtv (Score 1) 98

It works pretty well most of the time for me. There are several algorithms used for program break detection. The ones that seem to work best are blank frame detection and station logo detection. I find it works well on Discovery, A&E, CBC Newsworld and Speed TV (blank frames), and AMC and other movie channels (logo detection down in the black letterbox bars). It works passably on network TV but tends to get a bit confused when they run the final seconds of the show and the credits in a sidebar next to station promos.

Comment Re:Wrong. I take it you are an American? (Score 1) 107

Canadian's don't carry cash. Period. At least not Canadians under 30. This is one area in which the US and Canada are vastly different... cash is now hardly used for any transactions in Canada anymore, at all.

I think perhaps you are overstating the case. I rarely have less than a couple of hundred dollars in my wallet, and I see people pay with cash in supermarkets and so on probably around one third of the time.

And if you never pay for anything with cash, how do you accumulate change for parking meters and such?

Comment Re:Quityerbitchin! (Score 1) 109

The logic is quite simple: if you can't live without something, then get a guarantee in writing, and pay the premium for that extra service. In Gmail's case, there is no premium service, so you'd better start looking elsewhere.

Actually there is. Gmail is available as part of Google Apps for Your Domain. Premier Edition costs $50 per user per year and offers a 3-nines uptime guarantee.

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