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Comment Re:Is kernel still 64bit? (Score 1) 262

The kernel needs to be an amd64 one for x32 to work, at least as things stand now. The most common situation would _probably_ be an amd64 system with some specialist x32 software doing performance intensive stuff. (Or possibly a hobbyist system running an all-x32 userspace for the hack value.)

Yeah, working with big data is unlikely to benefit, and data _is_ generally getting bigger.

Comment Re:Wont use Linux without it! (Score 2) 262

I could get into specifics but I shan't, because what you're blathering about has zero relevance for x32. It's not a replacement-to-be for the usual amd64 ABI, nobody is going to break amd64 to make x32 run. It's mostly a specialist tool for specific workloads (aside from being a hacker's playground, as are many things). Whether thinking it's useful as such is misguided or not, you're more so.

Comment Re:Nice concept (Score 1) 262

You misunderstand the desired impact. "Loads a little faster" doesn't really enter into it. It's rather that system memory is _slow_, and you have to cram a lot of stuff into CPU cache for things to work quickly. That's were the smaller pointers help, with some workloads. Especially if you're doing a lot of pointery data structure heavy computing where you often compile your own stuff to run anyway.

Still not saying it's necessarily worth the maintenance hassle, but let's understand the issues first.

Comment Kopimism doesn't erase infringement (Score 5, Interesting) 82

It has been pointed out that due to the Pirate Bay page being under Kopimism, there is no infringement. This turns out not to be quite true.

Ville Oksanen, cofounder of EFFI (the Finnish version of EFF) and a lawyer specializing in technology and media law, comments as follows: "In Finland you cannot give up your moral rights and Matti Nikki's parody-judgement was based specifically on violaiton of moral rights. I think that TPB just issues a sarcastic reaction but technically TTVK ry is indeed likely to break law here."

Moral rights can come into play when material is used in opposition to the moral standards of the original authors. Parody is not at all protected under the strict reading of the law, though in practice there is some (yet weak) protection under a supreme court ruling.

So yeah, there is every reason, even with a recent similar case with a guilty verdict, to think that the Finnish version of copyright law was indeed broken by the good antipiracy folks. At the very least they're operating on extremely gray area, which is not very flattering for their ilk either.

Ville's Google Plus post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103784989123292634015/posts/XeLSWAjcCLw

Comment Fradulent phising (Score 1) 82

Given kopimism, it doesn't seem to be copyright piracy - though what with Kotilainen dodging like hell in the interview, the antipiracy folks might not actually realize that ;)

What it is, however, is defrauding the visitor into entering search terms under the pretense that it's the actual Pirate Bay. Could be worse, at least it's not phishing for personal information, but they do get a list of IPs with entered search terms (often for something you'd rather the antipiracy folks wouldn't know).

Comment Re:VGA not HDMI out? (Score 1) 158

It has both, and yes you can run 1080p over VGA, albeit poorly.

You can actually run it quite well, though the quality of both the signal source and the display's A/D conversion have to be good. When I ran two identical 1920x1200 Samsung 244T LCDs from a Radeon x800xl, one over DVI, one over VGA, I couldn't tell the difference at all.

Wouldn't count on a random cheap ARM box's VGA output to be top-notch, of course, especially these days when the VGA output is just mostly for legacy support. Digital is the more sensible option, with its consistent quality.

Submission + - Finland: Open WiFi Owner Not Liable for Infringement (turre.com)

mjrauhal writes: In Finland, the operator of an open WiFi access point was found not guilty for copyright infringement allegedly committed over said access point. The operation of such access points would have become legally risky were this decided otherwise. Appeal by the Finnish Anti-Piracy Centre is still possible for this district court ruling.

Comment Rape is just basically theft (Score 2) 366

Except, of course, it isn't, the implications are completely different, and even the law thinks they're completely separate issues. Just like with copyright infringement. The only difference is that people take "rape" already seriously as is, so it doesn't have to try to _co-opt_ the term for another, separate crime. 'cause that's what the whole business with conflating copyright infringement with theft is _all about_. Nobody gives a shit about copyright infringement, so they try to leech off the badwill for the word "theft". Hell, maybe they should just say that copyright infringement is raping the artist. It's just as true, and there's even more badwill to be gathered.

Only reason they don't is that it'd take an even bigger moron to buy it.

So fuck this douche with his support for the copyright newspeak.

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