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Comment Re:Negligence? (Score 1) 202

So who decides when it crosses the line to "something stupid" and "they should have known"? You?

You clearly should have been watching your kid! You should have locked the door! You should have gotten child proof door handle things so the entire family can burn in the event of a fire! What if he had been kidnapped or hit by a car?

We can blame the parents all day long. We can go and remove the child from the home and declare the parents unfit. Or... we can accept that we weren't there. We don't know what the parents knew. We don't know what the parents thought. Maybe thought it only exploded in strange circumstances. You don't know. Just because YOU know better doesn't mean anyone told them.

In all honesty, we recall things so often in the country for stupid reasons that people tend to ignore them. My kid's high chair was recalled because apparently people weren't putting it together right. I looked at the high chair and decided the risk wasn't worth sending it back. Should I loose my kids if it falls apart? OR do I have the right to do my own risk management and use my own judgement?

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 2) 412

She apparently tried. In her documentary it talks about how she tried to get people to stop distributing the photo. From her point of view as a young woman that was a pretty terrible picture to have going around. But the media simply ignored her because it was 'important'. It wasn't until she was much older that she was able to recognize and accept the historic significance of the photo.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 1) 412

It's also part of my job to help my children recognize when relationships are healthy or unhealthy. Like I said, an employer that cares about something as trivial as your baby photos is not someone you want to work for. Why on earth would you judge an adult based on a photo of them as an infant or small child? Are you seriously going to not hire someone based on a photo from 20 years ago?

If my child told me her friends would only be her friends if she cut her hair short and wore brown shirts, I would tell her to get better friends and I hope you would too. Or would you run out and buy her an entirely new wardrobe so she could 'fit in'? Do you buy your daughter a real American Girl Doll because all her friends have one and they won't be her friend if she doesn't have one? That actually happened to my niece. Or do you tell her that real friends don't care about that?

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 4, Insightful) 412

If your employer doesn't hire you because of a naked spaghetti covered baby photo from 20 years ago, you probably need a better employer. Those kinds of photos are not things that reasonable people should be embarrassed about.

Weren't we all talking about that poor girl who got napalmed having her photo plastered all over the net the other day? And the world pretty much told her to suck it too. We didn't even need the internet to spread her picture around.

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 1, Interesting) 412

I tell my kids tough shit, suck it all the time. It's called being a parent and caving into random whims about stupid stuff. I mean... what kind of parent says no to a kid who wants ice cream for dinner! They want it so they must have it!

Seriously... everyone has baby photos. We take photos of babies and post them on the internet. Before the internet we put them in books and then drug the books out whenever our kids brought home a significant other. Get over it. You were once a baby naked and covered in mud/spaghetti sauce and your parents took a picture. It probably even got taken in to work and is hanging up in a cube/office. That time you crapped your pants? Mom and Dad remember and will bring it up. Again. And Again. You'll probably do the same thing to your kids. Suck it up. Life is tough and not everyone likes you. It's my job to make sure you have the tools to make it, not be your friend.

I suppose it is possible that these 'embarrassing' childhood photos are not the typical spaghetti covered baby photos. But if that is the case, the parents probably belong in jail for other reasons.

Comment Re:Negligence? (Score 1) 202

Actually... I think I understand you perfectly. You want to charge parents with negligence when anything bad happens to their children that YOU are quite certain you would have never let happen because it makes you feel superior to judge people. YOU would never turn around in the grocery store to find your kid was not following you like he was supposed to. YOUR kid would never wake up in the middle of the night, open the front door and walk outside. YOUR kid would never set the house on fire making toast.

You are probably also the type of person that would sue Walmart because their parking lot was dark at 2AM and you tripped because they should have had better lighting.

How about instead we accept that sometimes shit happens? Sometimes we trip. Sometimes the toy/phone/laptop we are using randomly bursts into flames. We don't need to send someone to jail or take away their children every time something bad happens. We don't need to assign blame for every little thing. Accept that shit happens and life is dangerous. Life is full of risks that we take everyday.

Instead there are children suffering from REAL abuse and neglect that we are ignoring because we are too busy trying to decide if letting your kid hold a phone constitutes neglect. This kid has loving parents that can give him things like a state of the art brand spanking new phone. There are kids whose parents leave them alone while they go off and get high or drunk. There are kids who do not have food. Worry about those kids, not this one.

Comment Re:Negligence? (Score 1) 202

If the toy you are snuggling with bursts into flames, how much do you really care if there was an official recall or not? You are now on fire.

There are actually lots of ways to set yourself on fire, many of them surprising. Flour is highly explosive and grainery fires are pretty nasty. Should we ban flour or charge bakers with negligence for baking while their children are in the house? What about people that deep fry turkeys? Or laptops that overheat and set beds on fire? You must be negligent if you let your kids use a laptop in their room!

Comment Re:Negligence? (Score 1) 202

Fisher-Price Glow Seahorses also catch fire. And were not recalled. My kid actually has one in her crib. According to the baby books and baby stuff manufacturers everything will kill your kid. When we bought our crib the vendor had just come out with a new model with special "green" stains and finishes that would reduce the risk of SIDS. We habitually recall things where 1 in a million uses under some strange circumstances resulted in some guy hurting himself. Instead of writing it off as 'some guy did something dumb' or 'shit happens' we have to 'do something'. Remember Ford disabling airbags because their was a minute chance that the air bag might explode? Which was more likely, the airbag saving your life or exploding?

Logic and reasoning never make into our risk management conversations. We say "OH MY GOD! A PHONE EXPLODED A CHILD WAS BURNED! HOW HORRIBLE! DO SOMETHING! SUE SAMSUNG! ARREST THE PARENTS!". Meanwhile how many children actually DIED in car crashes yesterday?

On another note, random things spontaneously combusting is actually extremely common. Four of my monitors at work have caught fire (IT informed me that they were not on actually on fire, just smoking).

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Science and Tech Activities for Middle School Girls

An anonymous reader writes: The only Science and Technology Badge for Girl Scout Cadettes (Grades 6 -8) is called "The Science of Happiness" ( and their Healthy Living Badge is called "Eating for Beauty" ( Does the Slashdot community have any suggestions for real activities for this age group?

Comment Re:In the U.S., why isn't this obsolete by now? (Score 1) 129

A friend of mine worked on the last census. His job was to physically visit places that people were living like under bridges, in caves, shacks, farms, etc to get them to fill out the census. There are apparently a significant number of people living in strange places without computers.

Comment Re:Local cell tower for 911 (Score 1) 482

Depending on the area, firefighters can effectively always be on call. We have an all volunteer department and they only ever have one or two guys actually at the station (typically the college students who live there). If the live ins are out, the station is empty. If something happens, they call in everyone, go to the station, then head out to the call. There is an app that they use to alert everyone to the call and track who is responding.

But except for the night that you sleep at the station, volunteer firefighters have pretty normal lives. They have jobs, families, go to concerts, etc. And when someone sets their house on fire or crashes their car, they drop everything.

Comment Re:Local cell tower for 911 (Score 1) 482

You are assuming the only kind of emergency involves you needing to call 911. Perhaps the babysitter/hospital is trying to reach you to tell you that your kid fell down the stairs, is at the ER, and they need your consent to operate / put him on a helicopter to another hospital. Perhaps you are a volunteer firefighter and there is a fire.

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