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Comment This is a non-problem (Score 1) 451

Automated systems stop to prevent accidents. Vehicles apply brakes. Power plants shut down. Fuses blow.

A self driving car should not swerve, except in a minor way that keeps it on the road. It should just attempt to stop. It can see far ahead enough that it will know when it needs to stop, so it's not like it needs to correct for its own mistakes.

Comment Re:Not "Right Wing" (Score 1) 702

Not sure why it was nominated. I guess, to get a nomination in the short story category, you don't need a huge number of nominations. It only needed 65, so really all it needs is a single blogger with the right followers to promote it.

I don't see this, on its own as a problem. People have always been promoting works they like for the awards. I think there may be a problem with some people being frozen out by cliques. All I can really say is we can't prove there isn't. Still, I think a more representative nominations system is a good thing even if it doesn't actually change the nominations.

Comment Re:Ancillary Mercy? (Score 2) 702

There are two groups. Sad Puppies, and Rabid Puppies.

Sad Puppies are based off a belief that the nominations are dominated by a clique, and wanted to get a broader spread. It was run by a different organiser this year, who offered a public poll of the works that should be nominated in the list. A lot of them actually liked Ancillary Mercy, so it's in the list.

Rabid Puppies motives are a lot harder to work out, but generally anything that's seen as too liberal will not make the list.

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