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Comment Name one... (Score 1) 403

all without losing the advantages of Windows 10

Um, and these would be? I'm a non-developer MS sysadmin who works with Windows all day, but uses Linux on all my home computers. I can't think of any... other than to use for managing users who are stuck in a Microsoft ecosystem. Once Powershell for linux gets a working method for creating a remote shell (specifically, to Office365), there won't even be that left.

Comment Re:Print it out ahead of time (Score 0) 310

I've been driving for over 30 years, and I've never used GPS. A quick look over a map beforehand and a sense of direction is really enough. I can recall maybe two or three times when a GPS would have even been at all useful. That includes driving in a foreign country.

Comment Re:the more guns you have, the more likely you are (Score 2) 212

Wouldn't the statistical number of people who were shot which selected from among only those who were shot be 100%?

A statistical measure of the percentage of people who were shot who own guns isn't necessarily flawed on it's face. I'll grant that taken on it's own, it's not very meaningful. However, if the percentage of gun ownership among shooting victims is higher than the percentage of gun ownership in the general population, you just might have a correlation.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 1017

Trump's comments (heck, Trump himself) is a good example of why a government that "serves the interests of a small coterie of oligarchs" is a bad thing. Why nobody notices that he himself is the bad thing that he is pointing out is a marvelous mystery.

Replacing a secret oligarch with an overt one, whose interests clearly and directly align with foreign countries which are not US allies. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

Comment Re:One of five big industries (Score 1) 416

Law enforcement should just enforce the laws, in my opinion. They should not be involved in lobbying for or against them, though.

The opinion of law enforcement is one I'm actually interested in. Their input into how difficult something is to police is certainly useful in finding the best working solutions. (It's also possible that their input on a given matter is useless, but the only way to know is to listen to it.)

It's the lobbying bit that's the problem. Instead of gathering input from various groups and crafting the best workable solution, you often get the solution that best appeases the highest bidders.

Comment Re:I'm not a company (Score 1) 208

I think there might actually be a third option: Take responsibility, be a parent.

... leading to some rather unrealistic expectations and standards. It's not exactly a documentary...

As opposed to the realistic expectations set by movies, television commercials, and other mass media? Teach your children to use their brains. The rest will take care of itself.

Comment Re:films only need to be rated if they're in theat (Score 2) 208

Having ratings applied by a secret cadre hasn't made them all that meaningful either. "Rated PG due to scenes of minor peril." What the fuck does that mean? Is that really useful for information for deciding if you should watch "Ice Age" with your 6 year old? Is the mild peril in "Ice Age" slightly less mild or more perilous than the G-rated "The Lion King"?

PS: I can remember (barely) when movies didn't have ratings. Shocking, right? Oh, and when ratings were new, people understood they were guidelines that had little real meaning. My father took me to see at least one R rated film before I was 10, the only lasting impact of which was an appreciation for the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

I have the impression that most of the time when people say they want to protect children from being exposed to something, what they really want is to protect themselves from having to answer questions that make them uncomfortable.

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