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Submission + - CasparCG Open-Sources Broadcast Playout Server (

mjeppsen writes: CasparCG is a mature live broadcast graphics playout server that recently was released as open-source GPLv3. This free broadcast solution offers a featureset that is challenging proprietary solutions costing many thousands of dollars. To provide some perspective and explanation of what a play out server does, FreshDV has an Q&A with one of the creators of the software.
Linux Business

Submission + - Blackmagic Design offers SDK for Linux Developers (

mjeppsen writes: "Blackmagic Design has announced an SDK for software creators who want to work with DeckLink Intensity and Multibridge products on the open-source Linux platform. Combining the low-cost of the Linux OS with Blackmagic's extensive line of high-end/broadcast video hardware ingest and playback solutions should be an attractive combination for developers."

Submission + - Obama Campaign Spams Away

An anonymous reader writes: In addition to all the other disreputable things Barack Hussein Obama's campaign is doing (lying about his positions, hiding his past, stealing myspace pages and trying to demonize former supporters they abused) they've sunk to an all-time new low; they're spamming.

The past couple weeks, I noticed "announcements" from Hussein Obama's campaign flowing into my spam traps. One titled "Taking it to the Streets" showed up both in my inbox, and in three of my spam traps. Sender was "Barack Obama <", mailer was — definitely the work of the Hussein Obama campaign. I offered him the benefit of the doubt; followed the unsubscribe links, made sure each relevant address was removed, called the campaign to warn them about this kind of behavior. End result? NONE of the addresses are removed from Hussein Obama's email lists. I got their "Not playing by the rules" spam yesterday, with the header indicating it's from David Plouffe (but again at and the same mailer) this time.

What do you do when a political asshole spams you and won't stop? And why do they think they can get away with it?
Input Devices

Submission + - Pre-Order the Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard

mjeppsen writes: "Art Lebedev Studio will begin accepting limited pre-orders on May 20th for the highly-anticipated Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for...the estimated retail price of the Maximus is $1500. They have posted a price comparison of theirs vs a bundle of other high-dollar non-standard keyboards (some very interesting models there that I've not seen before). Lebedev anticipates that the first 200 models will be completed by the end of November 2007."

Submission + - Download files via Bittorrent without a computer

mjeppsen writes: "Save the planet! This new wireless router from Planex could help chronic Bittorrent junkies conserve a little power and turn off the PC at night.

Planex has released the tall and thin MZK-04G, an ideal router for users who regularly download gigabytes of data at a time. Critical to this are two features: a pair of USB ports are used to add external hard drives, and the router itself is preloaded with a BitTorrent client, enabling it to download files overnight without keeping a computer on. There are four gigabit Ethernet ports, and the wireless side supports similar speeds, transmitting at up to 997Mbps.
The MZK-04G is not yet available Stateside, but Planex has historically sold a wide variety of networking products here in the US and this "high-speed broadband rooter" should be no exception. Keep your pasty little fingers crossed..."

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