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Comment Re:my orcale suppor sucks (Score 0) 100

My Oracle support sucks, the damn thing is flash, you can't reply via email only by logging back in and trying to use it. It fails quite often and loses anything you typed in. Plus they do anything to avoid calling you.

It is the worst support portal I have ever seen.

It works just like any oracle deployment!

Comment Re:e.e. cummings approves (Score 0) 968

He wants a technical job in IT.

This is why IT sucks so badly. Nearly every chap who uses twitter, facebook and plays world of warcraft think they're a technical genius.

In an interview I once had a chap tell me he knew everything about Linux. Come to find out, everything, was installing fedora and playing MP3's with xmms.

Comment Sick of IT Staff (Score 0) 434

Does anyone else here get sick of IT staff making decisions about restricting computer access based upon the sole purpose of making their lives easier? Businesses and educational institutions need to wake up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around some lazy, uneducated IT staff, but instead the people who actually make the company money or research valuable things. /rant

Most of us where I work use Linux because the IT staff is thankfully too stupid to get their hands on it and break it for us. It's the only way we get any real work done. Not everyone uses a computer to write documents and waste people's time with powerpoint.

It's about time the IT staff learn that they're overhead and who they actually work for. And yes, I used to be a system administrator, but I hate to admit it.

Comment Re:Well, DUH! (Score 0) 386

Dear lord, this is just SAD. The saw blade example frightens me as well. Too much protection out there for kids these days. There is no negative reinforcement of pain. Eg. If you fall off your bike, it will hurt and you will bleed. People learn from experiencing life, not being sheltered from it.

Comment Interesting Market for Wolfram (Score 0, Offtopic) 124

I never thought I'd see Wolfram compete in the search market. However, this isn't much of a surprise to me after reading The World is Flat
Apparently, Google and many others use complex mathematics to figure ouch which porn site has the best, free content! On a more serious note, it's nice to see Google is getting some competition. The Wolfram search appears to be easy, yet also simple; something that Google has pioneered.

Comment Netbook != bigger screen!!! (Score 1) 400

Competitive Analyst, Matt Kohut, who spoke about his vision of the future of netbooks, which involves Windows 7, bigger screens, built-in 3G, touch integration, and lower prices.

I love this quote, "bigger screen" when talking about a netbook. My idea of a netbook is a small device that has most of the capability of a PC without the bloat and slowness of a PC. Linux makes a great embedded and netbook OS. I really don't see people processing a 100 page document or presentation on one of these. I guess you need full windows 7 to check e-mail, surf the web and IM.

Personally, I use a 13" notebook which is a good mix between a netbook and a laptop. Most laptops are too big for me and netbooks are too small.

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