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Submission + - SPAM: Samsung E251

pricedekho1 writes: Samsung E251 has a TFT with resolution of 2.0 and 65K colors combination.with resolution of 640x480 pixels.It supports connectivity options like Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE.
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Submission + - Legislative Assembly made a law for many states to forbid the actual sale of ele (

Akirascott writes: "The experience arrives as far more People in America choose the battery-powered tubes that switch nicotine-laced juice right into a smoke air that’s inhaled. The Annual product sale of smokeless cigarettes, which are called as blu cig is connected with electric cigarette in US. The annual sale of blu cig have grown between $250 million along with $500 million since arriving from China five years ago, according to industry estimates ,which represents some sort of sliver from the roughly $100 in US"

Submission + - Better control of delivery (

An anonymous reader writes: Most of us nerds order stuff online. However, at least in the case of this nerd, the product arrival process is nerve wracking, especially if it is a product that needs a signature. Missed delivery labels, long drives to the shipper warehouse...

While this new offering from UPS seems to solve most of the problems, the web design and the sign up process is a bit tedious. All in all, I would call it a plus for us nerds. Its time to take back control of the delivery process for web ordering.


Submission + - X Windows now available for Android (

mkwan writes: The open-source X Server for Android has hit beta and is now available for download through the Android Market. On Australian networks at least, smartphones are assigned publicly-accessible IP addresses, so it should be possible to display many Linux applications on an Android smartphone simply by setting the DISPLAY environment variable to the phone's IP address followed by :0

Submission + - Gary McGraw interviews Ross Anderson, who debunks Trusted Computing (

FormOfActionBanana writes: "Security expert Dr. Gary McGraw interviews security expert Dr. Ross Anderson of Cambridge University in a great podcast. Dr. Anderson opens with a debunking of UEFI and Trusted Boot; he makes multiple references to the balance of power in the Middle Ages and compares that to the modern struggle of power inherent in the establishment of Certification Authority infrastructures."

Submission + - Security expert Gary McGraw interviews security expert Ross Anderson ( 1

FormOfActionBanana writes: "Dr. Gary McGraw interviews Dr. Ross Anderson of Cambridge University in a great podcast. They cover a variety of current topics in computer security.
Among other choice quotes, Dr. Anderson warns the preliminary output of some recent world wide web research is "Don't click on ads.""


Submission + - Kinect grocery cart follows shoppers around the store

cylonlover writes: When Chaotic Moon Labs debuted the Kinect-powered Board of Awesomeness — and its mind-reading offspring, the Board of Imagination — that was apparently just a preview of a more practical product the company had in the works. Grocery store chain, Whole Foods, recently gave a demonstration of Chaotic Moon's latest device, which uses the same technology in a self-propelled shopping cart. The "Smarter Cart," as it's been named, can detect what items are placed in it, match those to a shopping list, and even follow shoppers around the store on its own.

Submission + - Vodafone shows off encryption-friendly 'Secure SIM' (

angry tapir writes: "Vodafone has developed a new SIM card that can be used on smartphones to provide secure access to data networks and tap-proof telephone calls as well as email and text message encryption. In June, Secure Login will be the first service that uses the Secure SIM, working as an alternative to traditional smart cards. When employees log into their corporate network, the SIM card and server initially exchange key data. The employee is only granted access once the card has been identified and accepted, and a PIN (personal identification number) has been entered. Vodafone will add the ability to encrypt email and phone calls. For the latter to work, both the caller and the receiver need to have a phone with Vodafone's new SIM card."

Comment Typical "Hype"! (Score 1) 118

There is nothing new her folks. In the country that I leave in, every so often, the media "breaks" a story and runs with it while it can still inflate their distribution, ratings, etc numbers. This story, like some many other stories before it, will disappear into this air!

Getting back on the topic. I did a quick Google search (viewed first page results only) on the "Secrecy Bill" and "Information Bill". To absolutely no surprise, all the media houses that published the story had no link to the actual bill. And, all the stories were just someone view point and did not actually make reference to any section of the bill. Now, if you inform me about that a bill that is good or bad, I expect to see references to the bill while you argue your point.

I don't know about media in other countries, but, where I live, "hype" is the order of the day! For those would like to read the bill, here is the link :

Disclaimer: the above link may not be the latest version of the bill, as I did not go beyond the first page of the search.

Submission + - Can pornography be artistic? (canpornographybeartistic)

deandreshiel819 writes: Pornography and Art has always been a subject of discussions these days. Must we actually think about mature inspired works as art? How can one decide whether it fits into one class or the other, or both? In this write-up, we'll look at several of the differences between them. Of course, these views will be fairly subjective. Though there are a line of inquiries and ideas that consistently come up in this discussion.

Pornography, generally known as porn, is the portrayal of unequivocal sex-related subject matter for the intention of sexual stimulation and erotic pleasure. Porn is usually shown in all different media, from books, magazines, photos, drawings, paintings to film, video, video games or even karaoke backgrounds. One thing to note however, is that live sexual acts don't usally count as pornography, though they might be explicit. It is because pornography is an illustration or depiction of the act, and doesn't necessarily include when a couple makes love in their own bedroom.

When we talk about art in this sense, we are talking about how it applies to one's mind, thoughts, and cranks out thoughts inside the audience. A watchful arrangement of images can certainly stir a various thoughts in the viewers, and delicate variances may substantially transform their opinions. It elicits imagination and creativity in the maker and viewer, and attempts to project a certain attitude or thought into the world. This includes film, literature, music, photography, paintings, sculpture and other modes of expression. You might wan't to check this art about nude ladies,ladies nude,beautiful nude women

All together, the idea of erotic fine art as a serious theme in art is accepted at distinct levels across the world. Nonetheless, due to the fact the public branded porn as a taboo or close enough to that, it seems wrong to put them together. It could be simply because that pornographic material is only for sexual gratification and there is nothing more than that. But basing on the explanation of art, which it is something that can influence feelings or emotions and lustful feeling is an emotion, pornography may also be art.

Many are still debating on where porn should stand. We all have numerous perceptions and outlooks, and many of those are opinionated. Many people wouldn't give a second thought to pronouncing many adult works as artistic. Others might scoff at the idea and say that nothing so base can be considered art. And today, with pornography having such a widespread reach through the internet, it becomes even harder to defend it's reputation as something that can be appreciated on a cultural level.

Porn can be an art or otherwise. Often it's considered both. Or to some, it may have no significance to art in any respect. We can use it as an object of sexual gratification or as something to learn from. This all will depend on the mind of the audience, and how open they are to interpretation. So, is pornography then an art? How can it be an art?It's up to you.


Submission + - News, Links & Pics (

princesscharmelle writes: The "News, Links & Pics" section is where you can find the coolest links, videos, pictures, and beta. :: web development by ::
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Submission + - Signs He Doesn't Care About You (

An anonymous reader writes: This is a funny, sarcastic blog post enumerating signs a guy doesn't care about you. Funny, but with a grain of truth.

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