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Submission + - Google Summer of Code announces mentor projects!

mithro writes: "As everyone should already know, Google is running the Summer of Code again this year. For those who don't know, GSoC is where Google funds student's to participate in Open Source projects and has been running for 5 years, bringing together over 2600 students and 2500 mentors from nearly 100 countries worldwide. Google has just announced the projects which will be mentor organizations this year. It includes a great list of Open Source projects from a wide range of different genres, include content management systems, compilers, many programming languages and even a bunch of games!"

Submission + - Thousand Parsec releases tpserver-cpp 0.6.0 (sourceforge.net)

SF:llnz writes: Thousand Parsec (http://www.thousandparsec.net) is working toward a framework for creating online turn-based space strategy games. This release of the main C++ game server includes two new games that were developed as Google Summer of Code projects, and a new remote administration protocol (another GSoC project). Bugs were fixed and other improvements made as well.

Comment Gaming Projects (Score 1) 101

As the article mentions Google ended up funding a number of Gaming projects. There are a total of 7 game projects and 5 game related projects for a total of over 40 slots.

The following game projects have been accepted,

  • Battle for Wesnoth (projects), a very cool turn based strategy game in the theme of Heroes of Might and Magic.
  • BZFlag (projects), the classic tank first person shooter game. One of the oldest open source games around!
  • Linden Lab (projects), the makers of Second Life the largest "almost game like" online universe.
  • ScummVM (projects), an engine which lets you play all the classic Lucas Arts games and many more!
  • Thousand Parsec (projects), a framework for building 4x empire building games. Been around since 2001 and growing quickly.
  • Tux4Kids (projects), a group of multi-platform open source educational games for children.
  • WorldForge (projects), one of the original open source MMORPG which has even been mentioned on Slashdot multiple times (original called Altima).

My own project Thousand Parsec got 8 slots for a number of critical features. One of the coolest is a 3d client, which should make the games much more interesting to look at.

We will also finally have a few more interesting games to actually play, including a clone of Risk in Space and a very interesting game called DroneSec. Finally, we should have some opponents for you to play against as 2 AI clients being developed for our premier RFTS ruleset.


A Walk in the Sex Park 2

Dog owners in Amsterdam are upset that the city has promised to clampdown on people who let their pets walk in one of the cities most famous parks without a leash. They wouldn't be as outraged if the city hadn't also legalized public sex in the same park. A spokesman for the council said, "When the dogs are not kept on a leash they pee on whatever they see and they cause a lot of nuisance for other visitors." Alderman Paul Van Grieken added, "Why should we oppose a rule on something you can't oppose a rule on. Moreover it isn't a nuisance for the other visitors and gives a lot of pleasure to a certain group of people. There still are rules, They must take their garbage with them afterwards and never have intercourse near the playground. The sex must be limited to the evening hours and night."

Submission + - Multi-language Game AI Competition

A competitor writes: Thousand Parsec, an open source framework for turn-based space empire building games, is running an AI programming competition. Entries can be written in any language with a Free implementation. Existing client libraries are available in Python and C++, with several others in various states of completion. Major prizes include AU$300 plus goodies. Competition closes at the end of March, so get cracking!
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - OSS Strategy Game running AI Coding Competition

Semi Anonymous Coward writes: "Thousand Parsec, a project to create a framework for building 4x space empire building games, is running an AI Coding Competition. The AI can be coded in any language and there are separate sections for the best designed AI and the one which wins the most games. To top it all off there are a bunch of cool prizes and swag to be won.

The lack of a decent AI has long been one of the major complaints about strategy games (and being specifically poignant with Open Source Games). So why not come out and help fix the problem? With only a month left before entries must be submit everyone better get cracking!

Disclaimer: I'm one of the judges for the competition."

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