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Comment It's easy to use they said... (Score 4, Interesting) 99

And now they have the same technology that the phone companies and many other darker parts of the Internet have had for years (so sayeth Snowden). So it's interesting to see what comes of folks who are "unmonitored" and "unregulated" and what they do with the tech. hmm....

Comment Double Standard? (Score 3, Interesting) 67

Perhaps instead of it being a double standard, there's a purpose behind it. There's no need to "surrender" either. Services like Facebook (deceptively) provide a service to users to share the information with people they know and "trust". Other companies that monetize the information sell it to God knows who where you're left with custom made spam messages in your inbox promising to fix that ED issue you had years ago. Meanwhile, Aunt Martha is pleased as punch that you have a new fiancé and that the two of you are hitting it off quite nicely. Now, the fact that Facebook and other similar services also monetize your information is not very well known to the general public and their targeted ads are often times ignored (unless you're particularly suckered).

Comment Seriously? (Score 2) 58

So at first, I was checking my calendar to see if it was April 1st. ... Nope. Ok, so from a serious perspective, Vine caters to a huge demographic of underaged people with witty and goofy banter. Children as young as 8 or 9 participate on Vine. ... So why exactly do we think it's a good idea for a porn company to take over this online service???

Comment Re:Blockchain! (Score 1) 62

I get the cynicism of the Simpson's post (and chuckled along with it.) But in reality, this is a pretty good idea. The NSA suffered a second Contractor theft of Government secrets just a short time ago and there's no doubt that positive control of Top Secret information is more vital than ever in today's environment. With the exposure of highly advanced persistent threat tools becoming more common place, exasperated attacks from foreign intelligence services, organized crime, and such forth, being able to quickly identify who accessed what information, when it was accessed, what was done to it, where it went, and where it is now is all very vital information. Blockchains aren't a perfect solution to all that information, but they are a start. Say for instance information is stolen by a contractor. If the blockchain is required in order to use the information, then there's a traceable stamp of where it's been when it's released by reporters. This could quickly aid in the prosecution of those involved in the theft.

Comment Conflict of Interest or Good Business Sense? (Score 1) 107

So Apple produces a crap ton of devices that ... use electricity. And with the possible move to sell electric cars... Does this not represent a competing interest and possible conflict of interest? If you're buying your electricity from the person making the electric devices, do they still have the same incentive to make energy efficient devices?

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