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Comment Re:Would MAC address filtering counter this proble (Score 1) 584

Sorry but you misunderstand this concept about wireless. It send it out its port "aerial" which is then broadcast to "all" clients. So both machines can see this. The clients on the lan can only see a single mac for all nodes on an access point. Which is the mac of an access point connected to the wan. This is how a bridge works. The same attack works on a hub. But nothing in this situation is actually being "switched" while you are spoofing the mac ....

Comment Re:Would MAC address filtering counter this proble (Score 1) 584

Then I suggest you try it. Spoof a mac from a machine which is on another machine and make sure one of the machines is allocated a different ip address. You will be surprised by the events when they unfold. It may not work with wpa / wpa2 (never tried) but it will work with wep (tried). Both machine will just see each other's ip traffic and drop them at the ip stack. The following can also work. It is possible to shadow a wireless user using wep / the same mac and the same ip address. So long as both machines have a stateless firewall which drops everything by default. It will prevent the hosts from interfering with each other :)

Comment Sure thing (Score 1) 445

Coming from around that area I can assure you that this will not stop him from stealing again. All he will do is go out an get another xbox. You go round to his mates and play on his xbox (probably also stolen). The teenagers around here are almost unique. At the start of each summer we have the 12th July also known locally as the "silly season". When school stops at the end of June and the kids have nothing on for the next two months they tend to kick off the summer with a little bit of recreational rioting! It happens year after year and nothing is really ever done about it.

Comment Death per kwh? (Score 1) 334

We all know that whatever methods being used to generate power there are risks. I would like to see some stats on the number of direct and estimated indirect deaths involved per kwh hour produced for each techs. Along with the number of life serious injuries. eg where the recovery time is greater than a year. Or permanent. After all no matter which tech we use. People will always die from it. eg wind turbines with ice flying off blades and hitting people ....

Comment Just FTP? (Score 1) 298

Really It is about time we came up with some good ideas to try to prevent this sort of things. We see it on blogs (backlink spam) We see it on smtp We see it on rdp We see it on website We see it on outlook web access We see it on almost every service!

Comment Gunship 2000 (Score 1) 365

I remember something like this in gunship 2000 where it would do a piracy check by entering a code from the book. I was about 10-12 at the time but didn't understand what it was really asking I just wanted to fly. MY dad figured it out after phoning their support line ... First time you blow something up it would crash out with a meaningless error message!

Comment Deaths per kwh? (Score 1) 964

But yet more people have been killed directly installing / running wind turbines or other renewable energy sources in the last 10 years than they ever have been from nuclear power over the last 50 years. Not to mention the number of people who have also been badly injured. May by its about time to start looking at the real risk here and measuring the number of watt's produced by the number of people killed! If you go further back and look at the accident china had with a broken dam that killed 230k people and caused bad issues for a further 10 million people then you will see what I am on about here :)

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