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Comment Re:The lesson here isn't about free speech (Score 1) 400

This is actually an interesting thought. Especially in a gay divorce dealing with children.

As a side thought...is there any precedent for a gay divorce? Now that I am thinking about it, I cannot recall ever hearing about a gay divorce, and how some of our current laws that assume a marriage is between two parties of opposing genders are interpreted...


Submission + - Microsoft radically changes Windows logo (examiner.com) 2

bobwrit writes: For the first time since Windows 3.1, released in 1990, Microsoft announced today that the Windows 8 logo will no longer be a waving flag. Instead, the logo will be -wait for it- a window. It will also be a single color, instead of the classic 4 color pattern that has also been used since 1990. The logo will be a light to mid dark, in perspective, so it appears the windows are closer to you on the right side. Overall, the logo takes hints from more modern graphic design techniques.

Comment Terms of the Sale (Score 2) 1

IMO, the domain name is part of the site and not separately negotiable.

However, terms can be reached that allows you to maintain your email addresses. As part of the sale, provisions can be included to either require the new owner of the domain to retain your email accounts for X years or until the domain expires.

You can also require a new domain name that they can purchase, probably very similar to yours. Include a 301 redirect for all traffic to your domain to forward to the new domain, and you retain control of your domain and all the accounts, etc. and the new owner still gets the type-in or bookmark traffic to the old domain.


Submission + - iPhone App Contains Secret Tethering Capability (informationweek.com)

gManZboy writes: "The iOS app iRandomizer Numbers contains an unexpected function: It allows users who enter undocumented codes to create a tethered Internet connection. Thereafter, other nearby computers can join an ad-hoc WiFi network and reach the Internet using the tethered iPhone's cellular data connection.

The app purports to be nothing more than a random number generation tool. But entering "1984" in the minimum field and "31337" in the maximum field--numbers of significance in the hacker community--and tapping the "generate" button reveals a tethering network configuration screen.

Nick Kramer, CEO of Shmoopi, LLC, acknowledged in an email that his app supports tethering. "Reluctantly, I will admit that my application 'iRandomizer Numbers' does have a hidden tethering feature," he wrote. "I say reluctantly because I didn't plan on the feature being released. I designed the tethering functionality for my family and close friends not thinking it would be disseminated outside that circle. ""


Submission + - Scientists close to entering Vostok, Antarctica's (washingtonpost.com) 1

suraj.sun writes: After drilling for two decades through more than two miles of antarctic ice, Russian scientists are on the verge of entering a vast, dark lake that hasn’t been touched by light for more than 20million years.

Scientists are enormously excited about what life-forms might be found there but are equally worried about contaminating the lake with drilling fluids and bacteria, and the potentially explosive “de-gassing” of a body of water that has especially high concentrations of oxygen and nitrogen.

Reaching Lake Vostok would represent the first direct contact with what scientists now know is a web of more than 200 subglacial lakes in Antarctica — some of which existed when the continent was connected to Australia and was much warmer. They stay liquid because of heat from the core of the planet.


Submission + - HTC Android phones can leak Wi-Fi passwords (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: A group of HTC Android phones is susceptible to an exploit that can steal Wi-Fi credentials and passwords and send them to attackers.
The exploit relies on attackers creating rogue applications to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the Android build HTC uses on some of its phones, according to a post http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/763355 by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT). The affected Android builds expose 802.1X passwords to applications on the phones that have permission to access the Wi-Fi state of the phone.


Submission + - Office 15 Technical Preview Released (office.com)

Kohenkatz writes: This week, Microsoft released a Preview build of Office 15 (which will likely be released as either Office 2012 or Office 2013) to the first group of testers. The public beta will likely be released later this summer and there are rumors that the final release is slated for just before the end of the year.

According to zdnet's Mary Jo Foley (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsoft-office-15-technical-preview-kicks-off/11753), Microsoft refuses to answer any questions at this time about the features of Office 15, such as how touch-centric (or not) this version will be.

Submission + - Slashdot joins SOPA protest in last minute decisio (slashdot.org) 2

eparker05 writes: The well known tech news aggregator Slashdot made a late Tuesday decision to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest. Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision and see it as a necessary step to prevent pervasive censorship. Slashdot is known for it's continued support of anonymous posting by users and has come out strongly in opposition of internet censorship in the past. Still, this is the first time that Slashdot has closed it's doors in protest of a piece of legislation.

Note: this has not happened yet! Vote this story up and show the editors that we want them to show solidarity against SOPA/PIPA !

Comment Re:Hero (Score 1) 172

As you so kindly pointed out....

arrogant child

Means your view of whomever is that they are of immature mind. I am not making excuses or publicly taking sides, as I really don't have the time or energy to argue with /. either way, but in my view, if Manning is found guilty, shouldn't there be at least some consideration for the fact that at 19 or 20 or however old he was at the time he may not have understood fully the implications of his actions?

Perhaps securing or shielding such sensitive information from these "arrogant children" until a more appropriate age and maturity is reached is a good start.

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