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Comment Re:North Korea and Burma (Score 3, Interesting) 182

False Dichotomy

They could have dropped the bomb on an uninhabited area, as a demonstration to the Japanese government. They could have allowed a longer period of time for the Japanese to surrender after Hiroshima instead of following up so quickly with the Nagasaki bomb. Etc. etc.

Overall, I agree with your point, better two cities lost than all the deaths that would have followed an invasion, but that's not to say that nuking two major cities was the best possible outcome

Comment Re:State of the Databases (Score 1) 157

MySQL is a wonder database that does what it does very well, but would I put it up in a mission critical bit of infrastructure? Not on a bet. Those companies that have, eg: Sales Force and the like have had to hire LOTS of engineers/developers to handle MySQL in big installations and that costs even more.

Salesforce runs on Oracle....

Comment Blame RBI, not Paypal (Score 1) 509

Speaking as someone who had no choice but to use paypal to transfer money out of India, thanks to the Indian govt's byzantine regulations, I'd say there are times when it's good to have a service that evades regulation. Trying to transfer money out via international bank transfers took 8 months struggling, with no results. Transferring money via paypal - despite the poor customer service and random account freezing - took only 2 months. The solution is for the Indians affected by this to pressure their government to cut the red tape and ease currency restrictions.
The Internet

Submission + - Plan to criminalize illegal downloaders in UK

krou writes: It looks like the launch of the UK Pirate Party came not a moment too soon. The Independent reports that Business Secretary Lord Mandelson is going to take a hard-line stance to preserve copyright after intense lobbying by the music and film industry. 'Under the proposed laws, Ofcom, the industry regulator, would be given powers to require internet service providers to collect information on those who downloaded pirate material. The data would be anonymous, but serious repeat infringers would be tracked down through their computer ID numbers.' Prospective punishments included restricting internet access, either slowing down an offender's broadband or disconnecting them altogether, and fines up to £50,000. The Pirate Party came out against the scheme, calling it a gross invasion of civil liberties, while Tom Watson, the former minister for digital engagement, spoke out against the move, saying that the government should stop trying criminalize downloaders just so as to 'restore 20th-century incumbents to their position of power', but should instead be 'coming up with interventions that will nurture 21st-century creative talent'.

Submission + - XP users are willing to give Windows 7 a chance ( 4

Harry writes: "PC World and Technologizer conducted a survey of 5,000 people who use Windows XP as their primary operating system. Many have no plans to leave it and 80% will be unhappy when Microsoft completely discontinues it. And attitudes towards Vista remain extremely negative. But a majority of those who know something about Windows 7 have a positive reaction. More important, 70 percent of respondents who have used Windows 7 say they like it. Which is a sign that Windows 7 stands a chance of being what Vista never was: an upgrade good enough to convince most XP users to switch."

Comment But is the reverse reaction temperature sensitive? (Score 3, Interesting) 133

The biggest problem with current photochromics in sunglasses is not the speed, but the fact that they darken beautifully in strong sunlight, but only when it's cold.

In hot conditions the temperature sensitive dark=>light process is favoured over the uv sensitive light=>dark process and they stay clear. I don't want glasses that change colour quickly, I want glasses that change stay dark on the beach.

The only use I have for my current "light sensitive" glasses is if I ever go to the Arctic in summer.

Comment Exact nature of non-compete clause? (Score 1) 604

What exactly does the non compete clause say? Is there a time limit? Does it impose specific conditions? Does it ban you from competing companies, or from working on competing products, or what?

As it is likely to form the basis of any lawsuit against you, make it the basis of your defence.....

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