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Comment $19.48 + Free Shipping at (Score 1) 87

You can get it for $19.48 + Free Shipping at

Oodles of other used books in this category from ~$5-7

and save the planet/$6M global literacy/good jobs :-)

Comment Also available on BWB for 31.98 + free shipping US (Score 1) 159

Its also available on BetterWorldBooks for $31.98 with free shipping to the US

And, as always, save the world, fund global literacy,


Over 300 titles of used (=cheap) on SQL

I'm a dba. I think I will actually buy and read this one though. :-)

Comment There is a chicken and egg problem in this study. (Score 1) 266

There is a 'chicken and egg' problem in an epidemiological study like this.

A study such as this CAN find an association between TV watching AND Asthma.
But it can't find cause. For all we know, children with Asthma/pre-Asthma
avoid outdoors and thus, the Asthma causes the TV watching, not the other
way around. For all we know, they have a common still unknown cause. What
we CANNOT say from a study constructed this way is CAUSE. Only association.
With that said, the matter does warrent further study, but how?

Comment The real purpose of EC (Score 1) 1088

The real purpose of EC was to give electoral wieght to people who did not vote. The system is based upon representing people and not voters. This allows the states to have VERY different rules about who can and cannot vote. At a time that was 150-190yrs from universal sufferage, EC was the only way to represent people and not reward states for excessive openness in sufferage. I'm saying I agree with that strategy, many people nowadays might think it was just short of evil. But that was the purpose of the system. Now that we have universal sufferage, EC seems to present ambiguous value.

However, look at how bad the recount was in FLA in 2000. FLA is mearly a medium-big state. Imagine a Nationwide recount? Wow, the fight taking place simultaniously in every corner of the U.S. If anything, EC prevents nationwide recounts, and thus, still serves a limitted purpose and should be kept.


Comment Real way to measurer Security (Score 2, Insightful) 674

The only real way to measure real safety/security is with real numbers of how things actually work in the field. You can't deduce security. The only way to know how secure something is, is to measure the break-in rate. One important thing to understand about break-ins is that most are a result of end-user-mistakes. The main tool the U.S. and Britian used to break Inigma during WWII was thier knowledge that all German transmissions ended with the same phrase. The British used a brute force decoding, they simply tried every encoding sequence until they got one that decoded the last phrase to the content they knew it had. Operator error! The most common Windows and Linux attacks STILL rely on operator error.

Comment Beyond Horrible. (Score 3, Interesting) 290

Imagine, a company selling off its primary assets to fund a shakedown lawsuit. If this is not proof that america is too litigious, what could be proof. This demonstrates just how sick this sue-for-profit legal system is. If sue-for-profit did not exist, SCO would be off trying make good products now and linux users would have never been intimidated. Sad sad day for our culture to see this continue yet again.

Comment Re:Geothermal time, people! (Score 1) 877

The problem with calldera volcanos is the VISCOSITY of the magma. I.e. the vicosity is too high. Extractng energy from th magma could cool it and increase the viscosity and make the situation worse. Modern science has never seen one of these things, and it is theorized that the last one nearly exterminated the human species. This is easily an 8 or 9 on the wipe humanity out scale.

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