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Submission + - "Virtual Chalkboard" software for Linux?

mistapotta writes: "I'm a teacher who uses Linux at home and to a limited degree at work. We've recently deployed virtual chalkboards/whiteboards (nothing but a glorified touchpad that works as a mouse.) We've got software for Windows, but I'm looking for a similar program (preferably FOSS) for Linux.

For those unfamiliar, a teacher can carry the tablet around the room, using a computer projection system, and present multimedia presentations, solve pre-prepared problems, and pass the tablet around the room so students can work problems on the board. Current software suites allow for capture of the screen (to PDF or other document formats), write with a pen, highlight areas of the board or desktop, erase/undo, simple OCR for words written through the touchpad, an online calculator, and other graphic aspects.

Does anyone know of software that's available for Linux for teachers?"

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