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Comment Don't give a Sample (Score 5, Insightful) 372

How the hell could it "help with a murder investigation" to provide them with a sample of your DNA?

Presuming you are innocent, you are simply opening yourself up to a false positive match, either now or in sometime in the future.

You have everything to lose, and nothing whatsoever to gain.

In the case of a degraded DNA sample, it's possible to have the statical odds of you being a match for a sample in the range of 100,000 to 1. That doesn't seem so bad unless you consider that there might be 1,000,000 records on file. Statistically that's 10 database hits, and if you are the lucky one cold hit, combined with the apparent belief that juries find scientific evidence infallible, you could easily be convicted. It *has* happened before that the only evidence that links a suspect to a crime is a cold database hit.

Just don't give them a sample without a court order, ever.


Comment What kills bulbs (Score 1) 710 power cycling them, not burn time.

Lets see how they fare when power cycled a few thousand times.

I've never had a CFL last more than a year or so. Mythbusters did some interesting testing on lamps a few years ago. IIRC they set up a rig that turned all the lamps on and off every 2 minutes, 24/7. Within a month I think they were all dead, except for the good old cheap to manufacture, low carbon footprint to manufacture, dimmable, yet inefficient filament incandescent bulb.

The Courts

Submission + - RIAA's Bid to Stop Jammie From Objecting Fails (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA's motion to prevent Jammie Thomas-Rasset from objecting to evidentiary problems with the RIAA's copyright registrations has been denied. The decision by Judge Michael J. Davis (PDF) held that 'The Court's Order granting a new trial in this matter granted an entirely new trial on all issues. The fact that Defendant did not object to Plaintiffs' evidence of registration in the First Trial does not preclude Defendant from putting Plaintiffs to their burden of proof on this issue in the retrial.' Judge Davis rejected the RIAA's contention that he could take 'judicial notice' of the validity of the registrations, since 'judicial notice' doctrine is only applicable to matters which are 'not subject to reasonable dispute'."

Comment Re:What a non-story (Score 1) 306

What if the artist is contracted by the record company to write a certain number of songs for an upcoming album?

Wouldn't that be a commissioned work and therefore the copyright would be owned by the record company?

I guess it all depends on the nuts and bolts of the contract that the artist signed. Perhaps the record companies don't want the details of those contracts being made public. :)

Comment In Australia... (Score 1) 800

You have to show proof to the registrar that you have the company name registered, (for a, and for others, such as you must show your organisation is substantially tied to that name.

Personally I think it's a much better system than being able to randomly register anything. Owning a domain name you have no legitimate claim to can result in you losing your registration.

Comment Re:Voter registration (Score 1) 517

In Australia we have only two rights under our constitution. The right to a trial by Jury and the right to vote.

Voting is also compulsory here, you have to register to vote when you turn 18, whereby you are added to the electoral role. This role in paper form is present at the polling booth. When you vote your name is checked off and you add a paper vote to a ballot box... *geek mode on* Just like in Battlestar Galactica *geek mode off*

If your name has not been checked off your role on election day you are fined for not voting.

Of course you have to be citizen to be registered to vote in the first place.

Criminals in jails are required to vote just the same as anyone else. I personally think thats a good thing.

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