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Comment Re:Christ... (Score 3, Insightful) 524

I'm not saying what he's doing is right. But I'm also saying even if you are poor, you don't get a free pass to not follow the law. And if you think the law is incorrect, petition it to get it changed. Solve problems in a civil manner.

What shouldn't happen is bringing your own brand of justice outside of the law. That's anarchy and it's not really good for anyone.

Comment Re:Christ... (Score 5, Insightful) 524

Then you are just doing what he's doing, being a vigilante.

If he wanted the fruit vendors gone and they were truly unauthorized, then call the police on their non-emergency number. It's that simple. If the fruit vendor were authorized, then take it up with the city. Going there and destroy people's produce is destruction of property, which is vandalism or malicious mischief in California punishable by up to a year in prison.

Comment Re:Obvious response (Score 4, Informative) 41

Which doctor? How do you know the doctor you go to will be a specialist for the treatment that you need? You should look up online to see what treatment options are available and which doctors/hospitals/clinics specializes in what forms of cancer. The case in here is that the student had stage iv synovial sarcoma. And chemo and radiation didn't work. That's pretty poor prognosis, so they went down the experimental route. But the hospital that they went to basically falsely promised that they had a 80-90% chance of curing the cancer using a immunotherapy technique not cleared in any country for treating the cancer that he had. I remember reading in one of the articles in Chinese that the technique was already proven to be ineffective against sarcomas. So the issue is that basically the hospital lied. And finally, the kicker of all of this pile of crap, is that the hospital that performed the procedure wasn't even the hospital that was advertising on Baidu. The hospital that was advertising used to be a pretty famous hospital and it was a military hospital which used to be inaccessible to non-military personnel or their families (Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Police Corps). However, this has changed in the last several years, but to cope with the huge influx of the number of patients wanting to get the best, the hospital outsourced the cancer treatment to a different hospital. And the outsourced hospital could use the name "Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Police Corps) despite not actually being part of the hospital. The the worst part of all of this is that the outsourced hospital also named one other famous organization in the cancer (specifically the immunology) field. They claimed that this treatment was a joint research with Stanford, which of course is a lie as well.

Submission + - FTC Forces Asus To Improve Router Security (

An anonymous reader writes: The FTC is actively trying to make sure that companies secure the software and devices that they provide to consumers, and a settlement with Taiwan-based hardware maker ASUSTeK Computer is one step towards that goal. The complaint was raised after well-meaning hackers exploited a weakness on Asus routers and left note on victims’ drives notifying them of the matter. Later, a researcher discovered an exploit campaign that abused vulnerabilities to change vulnerable routers’ DNS servers. According to the settlement, the company will have to establish and maintain a comprehensive security program subject to independent audits for the next 20 years.

Comment More 4 Loco? (Score 4, Interesting) 182

Jokes aside, this will probably lead more people to drink coffee and alcohol at the same time since they think they'll stay awake longer and be able to drink more. This is a bad idea actually since having a stimulant and a depressant can lead to heart attacks (in severe cases) or capillary damage (in less severe cases).

Comment Re:Conflicting goals (Score 1) 172

Or just don't rent a modem from your ISP. By your own modem (they're usually less than $100), so at the $10 per month rental price, you'll make it back in a year. Also since it's your own modem, there doesn't need to be the public hotspot. I also would recommend not getting the modem router combos. They usually don't have that great of performance and are much less configurable.

Comment Re:read the book: Getting to Yes (Score 2) 174

I second this. There are a lot of ways to approach this, but reading some books on Negotiations is always helpful. But make sure you have a lawyer (one that you are paying, don't just get a friend who may not spend as much time on it since it's just a favor) to thoroughly look through any contracts.

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 4, Informative) 199

But if you are worried about it transmitting when off, it's actually very easy to check with packet sniffers. This really shouldn't even be a he said she said argument. There is a really clear and simple way to test this:

1. Turn Nest Camera to "off" mode, ie the Green LED is off. 2. Start up wireshark and see if the Nest Camera is transmitting to the anything and where it's transmitting to.

Now, repeat the above with the Nest fully turned on. Compare the packets captured. Is the camera talking to the same servers and transmitting similar amount of data?

You can tell much more objectively this way then speculating what is or isn't doing based on power usage.

Comment Re:non-story (Score 1) 199

I like how the people posting blatant lies post anonymously :)

First of all, there is a difference between the camera being powered on and recording. It's like leaving your camera on but not hitting the shutter. The camera is on, but nothing is being saved anywhere.

Second, you can delete your videos. You can do it on the old dropcams to the new Nest Cams. See the support site if you don't know how to do it.

If you are worried about the fact that it can take a few days for all the copies in the distributed cloud to be deleted, then yes, when you host the amount of data that Google does, it's going to take some time for all the replicated copies to be deleted. Cloud infrastructure is pretty complicated.

Comment Re:nice little dig at the end (Score 3, Informative) 109

There is no need, there is already a separate law for that, they can call you a traitor. And the consequences are much worse than anything in this law. In that case, they can just arrest you and put you in jail. Why would they use this law where they have to try you in court first? And there is no prison term attached to this law, only some fines.

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