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Comment Almost there... (Score 2) 479

I have been without cable or satelite for a year now. I have MythTV setup with dual tuner which captures OTA programs. After the shows get recorded an automated process converts the mpeg2 files into mpeg4 for lower file size and easy to stream in home network format. On the front end I have 4 apple TV connected to 4 TVs in different rooms. Each of them is running XBMC on it which streams the recorded programs from MythTV. My network is a mix of WIFI G and ethernet over power line. Works fairly well. Only problem is I can't watch live tv on the Apple TV because uncompressed mpeg2 is too much to stream. And the Apple TV are too underpowered to decode it properly. I get channel lineup information from schedulesdirect on yearly subscription. Anything I missed? My only gripe is not having sports access. This year missed NBA completely. :(

eBay to Drop Negative Feedback on Buyers 505

Trip Ericson writes "ArsTechnica is reporting that eBay plans to drop negative feedback on buyers. It's just one of a number of changes eBay will be making in the near future. 'eBay's data shows that sellers are eight times more likely to retaliate in kind against negative feedback, a figure that has grown dramatically over the years. In an attempt to mollify sellers, eBay will initiate a handful of seller protections to offset the inability to speak ill of a buyer. Negative and neutral feedback will be removed if a buyer bails on a transaction or if the buyer has his or her account suspended. Buyers will have less time to leave feedback, and won't be able to do so until three days after the auction ends. eBay is also pledging to step up monitoring and enforcement of its policies around buyers who behave very badly.'"

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