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Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I'm pretty sure he had to either machine the rotors down or replace the rotors for that $700 price. That is not that unreasonable of a price for new rotors if the shop was doing the work, depending on the car.

There are certain cases where a fuel injector will need cleaning - but that usually implies that the driver barely uses the car and thus does get build-up that never gets flushed away.

It isn't usually cheaper to lease a car every 2 years. I didn't do any work myself besides replacing headlamps and turn signal lights, and I've had the car for over 11 years now, and after the cost of maintenance, i'd had spent a lot more for a lease of the same car. But sorry for ruining your smugness. :-)

Comment They deny there's a slippery slope... (Score 4, Insightful) 171

...yet they're just itching to let local law enforcement use their tool for what plainly is not a matter of national security. I really hope that Americans aren't quite as dumb as I perceive and can see things for the way they are. Also, the more I hear Comey speaking, the more I wish somebody would just put a sock in him. The 1990's called and wants its Clipper chip back.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 321

It's not just about being lazy. Think about how much of everything is centered around on wearing your done completely so that you no longer have energy to fight back and will just pay up. Making threats of lawsuit hold no weight, you actually have to go and file the paperwork. I'm rather overworked at the moment, and don't have time to deal with going to small claims over $42 - the opportunity cost for me for that is too high. And yet I would really love it if somebody kicked the shit out of whoever thought that ISIS == Daesh. Besides, does Daesh actually allow for the consumption of alcohol? I don't think the Wahabi'ists in Saudi do, but don't know about Daesh.

Comment Re:Corn and other grains (Score 1) 740

Neil deGrasse Tyson basically says the same thing: There's not a food at our supermarket that we haven't been performing some form of GMO - some for thousands of years even. Unless they can find for me a truly wild beef cow, then all beef products need to be labeled at GMO... There's multiple copies of NdGT's comments, but here's one:

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