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Comment Re:What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a (Score 2) 541

I guess the best word in English that I can come up with here is "relief", because all it does is provide a bit of relief to the person receiving it. The fact that you had latched onto the term "incentive" and how you are so adamant about ending it does suggest to me that you really haven't fully thought out the issue. Even with the relief that the government allots to those with children, our birthrates in the USA have been declining for a long time. Possibly it has to do with nothing more than lower infant and child mortality rates and better education for the masses. And I do believe that this birthrate will continue to decline until the population starts to retract.

Comment Re:What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a (Score 3, Insightful) 541

I'm pretty sure that STILL doesn't cover the full cost of children. No, if I made an actual net salary/profit making babies, I'd have a frickin' harem ERRR I mean baby factory running here... Face it, you can try to warp reality to fit your narrative, but it's not an incentive if the person is still running at a net loss.

Comment Re:yes they should (Score 1) 1081

But really it is there for a REASON. You are a citizen of your state first, and then a citizen of the United States.

Very few people identify this way in the modern age. I've been a citizen of over half a dozen states. I don't even consider it anymore, I move where the jobs are, wherever the jobs are. I am an American first.

Whether or not "people in the modern age" identify or not with their state, it is their state that issues them any of the following: driver's license, state id card, CHL/FOID/etc, and I think also hunting & fishing licenses. So you implicitly are a citizen of [insert name of state] whether or not you consciously acknowledge it.

Comment They don't really want to make the lines faster (Score 5, Insightful) 260

Because then they don't have power over us and they can't whine that they need all sorts of extra funding. They also refuse to return to only using the magnetometer instead of the nudie scanners or they insist on groping everybody's privates. And yet they are as effective as Walmart door-greeters when it comes to actual security. So why don't we just hire Walmart door greeters with the magnetometer to use, and be done with it?

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