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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

You appear to be conflating religion and ethnicity. Muslim is one who subscribes to the Islamic religion. A Christian is one who subscribes to the Christian religion. However, this is unlike with Jews: a person can be a Jew if he is only ethnically Jewish (born of Jewish lineage). You can be both Jewish ethnically and Jewish religiously, or you can be only Jewish ethnically. (You can't be Jewish only religiously - if you are accepted as religiously Jewish, you are automatically considered to become a part of the ethnicity. And there are genetic markers for being Jewish ethnically: most notable is probably the Cohen y-chromosome haplotype, which can at least designate Semitic origin.) There is no Muslim or Christian equivalent because those religions span a multitude of cultures, ethnicities, and regions of the world. In fact, the most populous Muslim country is not at all Arabic.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 920

I'm the submitter. I don't care if he stomps kittens in his spare time, and I doubt I've seen three of his videos before today. The dishonesty and cynicism here shown by allegedly reputable mainstream media outlets here is astonishing.

Ya know, if everybody would JUST IGNORE crap like this, maybe the "dishonest, cynical, allegedly reputable mainstream media outlets" would ALSO ignore it? It seems very evident to me that even you wish to continue perpetuating it, as if gives you something to complain about. It's crap like this that gets us The Donald as POTUS. And as much as I complain to people to just ignore things like this, I'd actually be a LOT happier if I didn't have to point this out even on occasion. And it'd be great if we could have some more actual tech pieces here rather than tabloid faux-drama pieces.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

Being against the Israeli gov't does not per-say make one anti-Zionist. It makes them anti-current-gov't-of-Israel. Being anti-Zionist means you don't support the notion of a national Jewish homeland which happens to cover major portions of the historical homeland. And don't forget that there's a lot of antisemites out there that use (misuse?) the notion of being anti-Zionist as a cover to their actual antisemitic views and tendencies.

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

Again, this sidesteps the issue. Yes, you typically *expect* more infrastructure in an urban environment, and you expect some things to cost more than if you bought 1000 acres out in the middle of the Arizona desert or the Alaskan tundra. But what Chattanooga, TN, did isn't even an option here because the laws have all been bought by the incumbents who don't want to invest but also don't want to have anybody else invest. If the law wasn't in my way, my only real obstacle is getting enough neighbors to agree to put into the investment, and maybe convincing the county to issue a bond for the infrastructure. Sure we'd pay a bit more in taxes until retirement of the bond, but then we'd have the infrastructure. Oh and on a side note, this area won't remain rural for much longer. The metro area is heavily expanding, and 5 miles away is a neighborhood of cookie-cutter McMansions starting at around $450,000 with about 1/5 acre lots. That may not be expensive in Silicon Valley standards, but it is expensive in this state. (And my ad valorem taxation is at 2.29%, with some of the more expensive areas nearby going as high as 3.3%.)

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 1) 172

You sidestep the issue that really is at hand: that the last mile is completely and utterly mismanaged in this country to the detriment of the populace. And I live in the "boondocks" just a few miles out of a metro area, and that's far enough to put you into "Hughes only territory". A fiber run here would be $750/mo for 10/10 mbps, for a term of 3 years. 30 GB I can blast through in a couple days being that I work in voip, and that would probably put me, with overage charges, up in the $500+ range per month. I don't have acres of vegetable to sell - in fact, this area isn't even remotely prime farming land. Now, if on the other hand the last mile infrastructure was open for municipal handling, and having the service running on top of it handled by any number of companies allowed to peer, then that would be a boon to both dwellers of the big expensive city as well as those who live in areas that are ignored by the incumbents because they won't make back enough profit in their 2-3 year ROI projections. But we can't do that here, not even the electric company (we have a law on the books that specifically forbids that for gawd knows what reason other than $$), and certainly not the residents of my area banding together to build a muni fiber network (again, the law...).

Comment Re:Theoretically (Score 2) 172

Why yes, I'd love latency in excess of 800 ms! That works very well with real time protocols like SIP & RTP. And "affordable" for various values of "affordable" ($125 for 30 GB per month sounds "affordable to you?). Also, notice how you only said affordable, not "reliable", because that it most certainly is not.

Comment Re:What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a (Score 2) 541

I guess the best word in English that I can come up with here is "relief", because all it does is provide a bit of relief to the person receiving it. The fact that you had latched onto the term "incentive" and how you are so adamant about ending it does suggest to me that you really haven't fully thought out the issue. Even with the relief that the government allots to those with children, our birthrates in the USA have been declining for a long time. Possibly it has to do with nothing more than lower infant and child mortality rates and better education for the masses. And I do believe that this birthrate will continue to decline until the population starts to retract.

Comment Re:What about cutting down full time to 32 hours a (Score 3, Insightful) 541

I'm pretty sure that STILL doesn't cover the full cost of children. No, if I made an actual net salary/profit making babies, I'd have a frickin' harem ERRR I mean baby factory running here... Face it, you can try to warp reality to fit your narrative, but it's not an incentive if the person is still running at a net loss.

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