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Comment They don't really want to make the lines faster (Score 5, Insightful) 260

Because then they don't have power over us and they can't whine that they need all sorts of extra funding. They also refuse to return to only using the magnetometer instead of the nudie scanners or they insist on groping everybody's privates. And yet they are as effective as Walmart door-greeters when it comes to actual security. So why don't we just hire Walmart door greeters with the magnetometer to use, and be done with it?

Comment Re:If it looks like a phone company. (Score 1) 25

Except what layers of the OSI model do Vodafone and Orange provide, and what levels of the OSI model do Google and Microsoft provide? Perhaps the confusion you are experiencing is due to the fact that you are referring to Orange and Vodafone as "telephone companies". That is a legacy term which is, for all intents and purposes, anachronistic nowadays. Even TFS refers to them as "telecoms". But they are not the same as Google and Microsoft.

Comment Re:They should be fined for acting like babies (Score 1) 170

If Congress won't do it, the courts must.

The courts are not supposed to be in the business of writing law. That means if Congress won't do it, the courts have even less business doing it.

Playing semantics is pointless. By interpreting the law, the courts essentially write it. It's simply a different process, and they don't write new, original laws, only taking in ones that already exist.

And if they don't, we need to put the initiative on the ballot.

You wish for a patchwork of internet regulation on a state-by-state basis? What a minefield that would be.

Where does he say that it should be a on state-by-state basis?

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I'm pretty sure he had to either machine the rotors down or replace the rotors for that $700 price. That is not that unreasonable of a price for new rotors if the shop was doing the work, depending on the car.

There are certain cases where a fuel injector will need cleaning - but that usually implies that the driver barely uses the car and thus does get build-up that never gets flushed away.

It isn't usually cheaper to lease a car every 2 years. I didn't do any work myself besides replacing headlamps and turn signal lights, and I've had the car for over 11 years now, and after the cost of maintenance, i'd had spent a lot more for a lease of the same car. But sorry for ruining your smugness. :-)

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