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Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 1) 241

Different and new has nothing to do with better. A dwarf does not improve a basketball team, though he could indeed transform it into a circus act. And if genders and races have certain opinions, it is not unfair or discriminate against them on the grounds that these viewpoints are inferior.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score -1, Flamebait) 410

share her bed as a friend

Doesn't make sense in the era of cheap beds. If I did this with a male friend I wouldn't be surprised in the least to wake up to his finger in my ass, and would only have myself to blame

There's such a thing as marital rape.

Nonsense 100% invented by lesbians. Of course even now that they are supposedly getting married they can't be charged since there is no law against a woman raping anyone under any circumstances

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