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Comment Re:Makes me think... (Score 1) 175

we just don't give a shit because nobody will pay for mental health care

More like we can't afford to pay for healthcare controlled by a guild/cartel. Taking care of this guy would require hundreds of thousands of dollars. The high-paid phonies pretend to be able to treat patients, but containment is the only real service they can provide. Holmes and Rodgers were under psychiatric care, and you can see how well that worked.

Comment Re:Twilight zone crazy (Score 1) 531

Obama is detached from America, people living free is a bad example for all the nations controlled by the globalist elite, so if it can't be transformed through a Latino Communist invasion, then a nuclear wasteland is acceptable. His family will of course be evacuated in time, and he will write a best-selling book about the experience.

Comment Re:defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 497

Do people even want to live a long time? For example, there was a dark period in history when women had the stress of worrying about their weight, now due to modern "fat acceptance" they can frolic like pigs in a sty. The government is coming up with schemes to produce artificial famine by raising food prices to trick them into living longer, but no one's heart is in it.

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