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Comment Re:I'm still not even at this step yet (Score 1) 157

in Australia we number the candidates from 1 to x (where x is the number of candidates). The ballot papers are then counted manually into piles, and then once they've all been counted the smallest pile is broken up and split amongst the remaining piles, until someone has the majority.

Comment Re:Do *not* optimize for readability (do a tradeof (Score 5, Interesting) 831

I find that if you shorten long words arbitrarily, it actually increases the writing time.

I could write ConnectionManager pretty quickly just due to typing experience in English. The words just flow from my brain onto the keys without even thinking about the individual letters. But if you shortened to CnnctnMgr then you have to think about it every time you type it out, what letters have I taken out again?

It gets more difficult when you're working off someone else's code. If you shorten long words but not short words then later on when you're looking at new code it takes much longer to get used to variable names. If you stick to a convention and don't shorten any words, you sometimes don't even need to see the variable being used to know what it's called, and can use them without thought.

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is clearly a poor joke, however. I always hated that one.

Comment Re:Impossible to detect, so forget it (not!) (Score 2, Informative) 391

I will add to this that any decently secured system will log all activities to an external machine through a logging service which does not allow for said machine to remove any logged events. That way two machines will need to be compromised to hide the fact.

This also protects against your legit admins doing some dodgy work and then deleting the evidence.

Comment Re:Makes you wonder... (Score 1) 239

The unpaid salaries from fired employees is now paid towards the outsourced contractors required to cover all the functions that are no longer being performed by all the employees that have just been fired. Contractors who are all employed by the same company that provided the consultants who made the recommendation that these employees be fired in the first place.

Of course, work done by contractors is more expensive, so the gap has to also be covered by getting the people who are still employed to work 12 hour days for the same pay.

The only time justice is done is when the fired employees are hired by the external consulting firm to perform the exact same function for the exact same company as they were performing before at twice the salary, on top of the nice redundancy package they just received.

Not that I'm cynical or anything...

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 479

I haven't built a computer with a floppy drive for at least 6 years and have never felt the loss.

The last time I tried to use a floppy drive I discovered the only floppy drive I had in the house (attached to a PC approximately 8 years old) was never actually plugged in to the motherboard. It didn't even work when I plugged it in. I had never used it.

The fact that Windows required a floppy to install on new hardware is a design fault of the Windows installer, as floppy drives are ridiculously outdated hardware.

However, I did specifically say the mention of the floppy drive "tipped me off", as I realise that a floppy drive does not strictly imply an outdated computer, however it does increase the probability and give the impression.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 479

I know nothing about SPARCstations and even I realised it was infinitely outdated.

Mentioning a floppy drive in the description tipped me off and if that wasn't enough seeing the beige boxy case and design confirmed it.

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