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Comment Woodward (Score 1) 289

Well, professor Jim Woodward has been working on his Mach/Lorentz thruster for a while now and has a working setup in the lab, and multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals. With his theory it is in fact possible to build startrek-style impuls engines, warpdrives and wormholes. And it all fits in our existing theoretical knowledge. He has a book out, published by Springer-Verlag (they don't publish nonsense):

Making Starships and Stargates
The Science of Interstellar Transport and Absurdly Benign Wormholes

Series: Springer Praxis Books Subseries: Space Exploration

Woodward, James F.

2013, XXVI, 279 p. 92 illus., 85 illus. in color.

Comment Should have given that $226 mil to Focus Fusion (Score 2) 210 In a major endorsement of the fusion energy research and development program of start-up Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP), a committee of senior fusion researchers, led by a former head of the US fusion program, has concluded that the innovative effort deserves “a much higher level of investment based on their considerable progress to date.” The report concludes that “In the committee’s view [LPP’s] approach to fusion power is worthy of a considerable expansion of effort.”

Comment Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

actually, I think there's only one Autobahn now that has no speed limits. Everywhere else is pretty much Euro standard.

Really? Because just about everywhere that I can cross the dutch -> german border there is no speedlimit. That's all the same autobahn you say? Wow, so it must be 300 kilometers wide .. that's 60.000 lanes .. amazing German engineering.

Comment Re:Definitely have all email headers (Score 1) 478

The EU has a law from (2005-ish?) that requires all email headers for inbound/outbound users located in the EU be sent to EU-based law enforcement.

Nope. There is a requirement to log MAIL FROM / RCPT TO fields and keep those around for the "data-retention" time (differs between countries, 6 months to 2 years). It basically comes down to "set the rotate time for sendmail logs to 6 months". There is no information automatically sent to law enforcement. What's more, a lot of the EU countries have not implemented this directive in national law yet (unfortunately my country has).


Comment Re:Which illustrates what we already knew (Score 2) 298

Unless I am mistaken, Linux has a less stable (as in it change more, not crashes) API than FreeBSD. Having to adapt to this, multiple times, could ad to kludgy patch jobs in applications, making them run less and less efficiently

The internal linux kernel API is not set in stone, but the ABI for applications that run on the kernel is. You can start applications from 1998 on a 3.0 linux kernel from this year, and they will run.


Submission + - Hosted E-mail is Protected by the Fourth Amendment ( 1

Okian Warrior writes: As reported on the EFF website, today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that the contents of the messages in an email inbox hosted on a provider's servers are protected by the Fourth Amendment, even though the messages are accessible to an email provider.
As the court puts it, "[t]he government may not compel a commercial ISP to turn over the contents of a subscriber's emails without first obtaining a warrant based on probable cause."


Thief Returns Stolen Laptop Contents On USB Stick 352

While it's true that Sweden is responsible for unleashing IKEA and ABBA on humanity, not everything they produce is terrible. Their thieves are some of the most considerate in the world. An unnamed professor at Umeå University received a USB stick with all his data after his laptop was stolen. From the article: "The professor, who teaches at Umeå University in northern Sweden, was devastated when ten years of work stored on his laptop was stolen. But to his surprise, a week after the theft, the entire contents of his laptop were posted to him on a USB stick. 'I am very happy,' the unnamed professor told the local Västerbottens-Kuriren newspaper. 'This story makes me feel hope for humanity.'"

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