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Comment Re:Part of a general pattern (Score 1) 426

While you say that all these feats are impossible, just wait till you see the technology that is being developed to support this new infrastructure. The division of the company i work for is involved in new HVDC designs. We already have working prototypes and are preparing for large scale production of the next generation of HVDC converters which are much more compact and can easily fit on a small offshore platform and transmit 500MW+. Also the next generation of offshore wind turbines we are producing are rated at 5MW per unit. Also we are the number one provider in energy market prediction and sale software. The next 50 years is going to be wind, solar, gas, nuclear and anyone who has the technology to adapt the gird to support all of this infrastructure interconnected is going to make a fortune.

Comment Re:Lunchbreaks (Score 1) 475

Agreed i love when my company sends me to work in France, as the co-workers i work with will invite me out to a long lunch where we just relax and talk about nothing much then we come back and pump out an afternoon of work,. But i find the people i work with are extremly pleasant and easy to get along with and communicate with. Once my French is as good as my German i plan to move ASAP =D

Comment Re:Building Industry (Score 1) 2288

Meanwhile in the rest of the world everything related to construction is specified in millimetres or metres. There is no confusion about it. I have never met a builder or construction worker in Europe or Australia who takes in Centimetres, everything is specified in millimetres. Thought i am working on designs for industrial scale projects which could be why.

Comment Re:User != Customer (Score 1) 209

Funnily enough Google does quite a good job of linking potential customers up with the correct advertisement. I find myself when in searching for a particular product to buy switching off my ad-block and browsing around at all the different things on offer. And google does such a dam good job i haven't been disappointed with the choices it shows me. Quite often people have money sitting ready to be spent and are just waiting to find the right product. And out of all the advertising companies i can think of Google seems to do a dam good job of linking the two together.

Comment Re:OK. (Score 1) 60

Their main role will be to have sockpuppets on all the major news and social networking sites. When a big Rugby\Cricket match is coming up between Australia and England, Australia and New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, Australia and Wales...... they can spam the sites talking us up.

Comment Re:yet (Score 1) 133

I know it's been mentioned below but I figured I might as well repeat. There is nothing wrong with a base model Hyundai for what it is designed for which is basically a commuter car. If you took a tricked out Hyundai and your standard sports car around a race track you would know the difference. The Hyundai would feel like it was made of rubber bands because its chassis, suspension, tyres & centre of gravity etc is not designed to handle those kind of forces.

Anyway coming back to your reply, when someone uses the metaphor "you can't polish a turd" they don't literally mean turd, what they mean is to stop 'polishing' the bastard =p

Comment Re:Way too many cheap quality phones (Score 1) 475

Nokia has a great brand name. If they came out with a high quality android phone it would sell well. I think their dilemma is that it would kill off their other product lines. But in the long term would probably be one of the best choices for the company for that segment of the market.

Comment Re:Original headline 'Us Tries To Fire Up.. (Score 1) 223

Exactly and this technology is already being commercialised over her in Europe. The three big challenges are:

* Built low cost offshore platforms. This involves taking a lot of technology from the oil industry and coming up with designs that don't require huge foundations and can be floated into place.

* VSC - Voltage Source Conversion, this is much smaller (Thought slightly less efficient) than normal LCC HVDC schemes, this technology allows you to squeeze a HVDC scheme into an offshore platform.

* Offshore wind turbines. This technology is basically solved already.

I work in these areas of technology and there has been a massive amount of progress over the last 5 years.

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