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Comment Re:What's Missing (Score 3, Insightful) 157


The everlasting rant of one generation of tech to the n+1 generation. I'm with you buddy. But I suspect we could hit the usenet archive and find something very similar to this, but from 1986. And then again in 1995 and again in 2002.

99% of people probably can't open the hood of their car without some help. Heck, it's been several years since I have.

I don't think we're seeing the end of the hard core nerds that make things work. We're seeing the expansion of the pool of people who are building things. Not all care about low level stuff. But they can build some really nice high level stuff, stuff that us low level guys will never bother with.

Comment Easy, stop eating crap (Score 1) 635

Seriously. The amount of sugar/corn syrup in EVERYTHING is amazing. Cut it all out and you'll notice a change in a few weeks. Now this is really difficult to do. Again. It's in everything. You can thank the corporate food engineers for that.

Exercise? Get up and walk around. If want more? Pick short high intensity things for 10-20 min at home each day. Jump rope is excellent. Plain old pushups and sit-ups cover everything else for starters. Main thing for me was to not make a big deal about it, but to do it. Just keep doing something small everyday and it'll add up.

Comment Search slashdot history for linux desktop 1999 (Score 1) 1091

Folks. It's not going to happen. OSX is the unixy desktop. Nothing anyone has said for the last 14 years on slashdot is going to change that. It's not an issue of technology or 'just marketing'. It's because desktop linux has always lacked a large enough organization building a 'whole product' around it.

On the bright side, linux is well represented with Android. IMO this is due to mobile forcing linux to be wrapped up as whole product. Just like apple did with darwin for iOS and OSX.

Comment Re:It's NOT tracking your location... Geez. (Score 1) 318

Heh. Thanks A/C, exactly the points I was going to make. Except with a little less sass.

Couple of links:

So AFAIK the data is not sufficient to do more than place the phone in the general area (at least 100s of meters for the most part).

Most likely explanation for location-gate is that some developer got it working on their hardware, but they tended to re-install the os for testing. So it slipped through. Doesn't make them an idiot, just human.

Comment Re:It's NOT tracking your location... Geez. (Score 1) 318

Sorry but this is not new speak, it's the truth, there's a clear distinction between your lat/long/error radius and a list of towers and wifi locations that MAY be somewhere near you at a given point in time. To determine your location they need to triangualte at the time. The data in the file is not going to let anyone do that after the fact.

If you opt in (use locations services) then they'll send some data to you to help your device get a faster location fix. +1 IMHO.

I'd assume at this point your device may send helpful data back to them. They state that this data is anonymous. Also +1.

Sorry, but this is all blown way out of proportion. Apple isn't perfect, but the response they have given is quite reasonable.

Comment It's NOT tracking your location... Geez. (Score 1) 318

From TFA:

3. Why is my iPhone logging my location? The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it’s maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location, some of which may be located more than one hundred miles away from your iPhone, to help your iPhone rapidly and accurately calculate its location when requested.

That is, it's keeping track of known locations near you so it can give you a quicker estimate of your location. Even sounds like this list of locations is downloaded from apple and not gathered by iOS. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand? This is exactly the kind of thing you want your devices to do. If they didn't have it everyone would be bitching about how long it takes for the phone to find your location.

I know, I know, I expect the internets to not be full of fools and trolls.


Comment Re:Use cases? (Score 1) 716

You asked nicely and I'll assume you want a real answer.

The vast majority of users don't know what ssh is. They simply do not care about the stuff you and I do. They just want something simple and that won't confuse them or force them to think about 'tech' stuff. Make it easy for them to check email, browse the web, look at pictures, play games... then they'll buy. iOS does this. It removes the fear non-geeks have of 'computers'.

This does not indicate that they are stupid, or sheeple or whatever the nerdy insult of the week is. It indicates that they have interests other than computers. That's it. And the slashdot/linux/android crowd really need to get this through their heads.

I've been writing code since the VIC-20 days, my Atari 800 had 32K of RAM!. But I'm old enough now that I can appreciate at the end of the day I can sit down with my iPad, cruise the web a bit, watch 30 Rock on Hulu or Farscape on Netflix or play ABs w/o having any distractions.

We tend to think more about the machine we're using than what it is we're trying to do. The finger touchy thing removes that machine part from the equation (more so than anything else out there). You're left with you and the software... And if the software is well done you're left with you and the task at hand. Which makes it boring if you like fiddling with things, but exciting if you just want to get something done.

Go spend 10 min with GarageBand on the iPad... It will likely be enlightening.

Comment Re:When they finally ship one worth using (Score 1) 396

Sigh... Everyone keeps calling iPad/iPhone customers 'idiots'. And this is exactly the sort of behavior and mindset that is ultimately self defeating.

Apple is successful because of marketing to some extent, but they also make products that regular people can use w/o feeling like an 'idiot'. Word of mouth and simple peer exposure is what keeps those apple stores packed day in and day out. THAT is the market speaking.

Yes, android is a competitor that is finally doing a lot of things right. Great! Awesome! I hope google can keep it together enough so apple isn't the only game in town. BUT, don't confuse the size of the market that appreciates the Droid Does commercials and knows what linux is with the size of the market that can actually use video phones for the first time ever with FaceTime and likes their iPad w/o really knowing why.

Comment Re:The iPad is out of the question (Score 1) 396

Well I guess it depends on what you're really looking to do when you say hackability. Sounds like you already know that you can hack the iPad at an application level all day long and that tcp/ip,bluetooth and wifi will cover most all connectivity needs these days. So the sticking point seems to be price and perhaps wanting to go with a more 'open' device. Which is fair. I'd suggest that iOS is a stable platform to develop new functionality on top of and in that respect it's better to work on than current Android.. But that's just me.

I will add that I pretty much stopped using my personal laptop at home once I got an iPad. That laptop has turned into a media hub and occasional personal project machine. So perhaps you shouldn't look at an iPad as just a hobby device that you need to limit your $s on. Rather it's a replacement for dropping more $ on yet another laptop for around the house use.

Comment Re:The iPad is out of the question (Score 1) 396

How about an iPod touch? I'm serious... They start at 230$. basically a small iPad. I have no opinion of android devices and if that's what you really want then go get one. But if you want an iPad but dont have the bucks then a touch wouldn't be so bad.

Or go mow some lawns and get an iPad... By the time you save up the cash iPad 2 will be out and you'll be happy you waited.

Comment Re:How about the entry fee? (Score 1) 234

You can develop with the simulator for both the iphone and the iPad all day long with a free developer account. So your basic point isn't accurate.

A developer connection subscription used to be 500 oer year. So they have really dropped the price quite a bit.

All the big companies change for developer access to their stuff. Last I checked a msdn subscription was a fair chunk too.

Seriously. 99/year isn't bad at all. Just think of all the stuff they do

- Xcode on going dev and support
- online and actually up to date docs
- access to all the wwdc session videos
- developer connection website with all the various tools
- early access to ios and lots of other stuff.

So agin.. Less than 10 bucks a month is too much? Really?

Comment Re:Stupid chargers (Score 1) 371

Actually I think a big thing everyone misses is that the apple dock connector is often used to support the device. You can drop anything from an iphone4 to a little itty bitty shuffle into a third party cradle and they all are held up just fine.

So it seems pretty clear it's not just a matter fo charge times, or that mini USB sucks, rather a combo of factors that are best solved by using the dock connector.

Seriously, is all this fuss really needed? The USB to dock cable comes with the device and additional ones are cheap... If you don't like it buy something else and have fun.


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