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Comment Re:Adjective of Venus (Score 3, Informative) 125

From Wikipedia: "When planetary scientists began to have a need to discuss Venus in detail, an adjective was needed. Based on Latin principles, the correct adjectival form of the name would be Venerean. However, this term has an unfortunate similarity to the word venereal as in venereal diseases (related to "Venerean" as martial is to "Martian"), and is not generally used by astronomers.[1] The term Venusian is etymologically messy (similar to saying "Earthian" or "Jupiterian"), and a "cleaner" version was desired."

Comment Re:Why potatoes? (Score -1, Troll) 95

Zero is pretty limited, yes. Also, there will never be a Martian colony. Ever. Put that fantasy to rest.

True. Nor are we "going to the stars". What a load of fantastical sci-fi rubbish. Generations of moron children raised on cardboard television sets depicting swashbuckling interstellar captains screwing green alien chicks. Grow up already.

Comment Well.. (Score 1) 45

Earth clearly has water, and we think Mars was much, much wetter billions of years ago, and many scientists theorize Venus once had an abundant liquid water supply, so if so, that's three planets within a band of the Solar System, and thus is stands to reason that liquid water exists at least in similarly configured extra solar systems, right? Of course that doesn't answer the question of whether water is either endogenous or exogenous, or a little of both, but if asteroids and comets can carry water, enough to populate perhaps three planets, why can't the planets themselves carry a proportional abundance of water? Then again, I'm no planetologist, so I'm probably barking out my asshole.

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