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Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 1) 813

Real estate depreciation is a different animal. You can buy a 1 million dollar building and depreciate it over the next so many years even though it value by the end of the cycle has risen to 5 million. Then to avoid taxes on selling the building for the new value you use the buildings value to buy other real estate and the taxes go away and you can start the cycle over again.

The above is what I remember form a news item covering this kind of dealing. It is probably not completely accurate and there may b e more steps involved.

the gist of it is with real estate investment you can depreciate the cost even if the value is going up and use it to offset the rest of your taxable income and then avoid paying taxes on the increased value of the real estate.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 1) 252

I may be biased in that I know the editor of "Years Best Science Fiction" on a personal level. I disagree with you. It would be unreasonable to expect his editing style from 1984 to be unchanged in 2016. Perhaps you are seeing changes in the editors views or what material he has been given and suggested by colleagues in what is making the final cut rather than any conspiracy of SJWs.

I think you are too quick to call out the SJW boogieman and blame everything on that.

"Feels" as you call them have always been in Sci-Fi. I find it funny that all the people who deride things like "feels" are the ones who whine loudest about "my feels".

Comment Re:Do literary awards matter? (Score 1) 252

There are Hugos for editing.
From the Hugo Award web site:
"Best Editor (Long Form): This is the first of the person categories, so the Award is given for the work that person has done in the year of eligibility. To be eligible the person must have edited at least 4 novel-length (i.e. 40,000 words or more) books devoted to science fiction and/or fantasy in the year of eligibility that are not anthologies or collections.
Best Editor (Short Form): To be eligible the person must have edited at least four anthologies, collections or magazine issues devoted to science fiction and/or fantasy, at least one of which must have been published in the year of eligibility."

Comment Re:Isn't earning a profit part of capitalism? (Score 1) 198

Patents are enforced to protect innovation in research, not to protect price gouging on a generic drug in a particular form factor. Capitalism in concept is about minimizing the lost value from unmet demand and wasted supply (not everything can be salvaged). Additions onto that are political and ideological not practical. In fact the actions of Mylan are opposed to capitalism as they are setting overly high prices on a captive market (Medicaid recipients) - the result of which is double damage as it prevents users who need it from getting it, and for those who still buy it it deprives them of the other needs done without to due to the purchase.

Not just Medicare and Medicade. Schools are also required by law to have Epipens specifically (this law was passed before the large price hikes from what I remember). I see this situation as no different from the actions of people like Martin Shkreli.

All these people arguing that all of this is just fine will one day require a life saving drug, and they might find the price of what was once easily affordable have increased to "all you have plus a lot more" just so that maximum profit can be extracted on threat of death. Who wouldn't go into debt to keep on living,

Comment Re:Slash and burn these blighting asset flippers (Score 1) 195

How did they game the Greenlight system?

Giving away keys to games for positive reviews. As I recall sometimes it was keys to other games from other people who needed positive reviews. It turned into a mess and after a long time Valve finally let us know how many reviews came from giveaway keys and took those reviews out of the aggregate score (if I have read it correctly).

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 1) 407

Went on a Tuesday after opening and there were only 4 empty seats in the theater (3D showing) at 7:45 PM. The 2D IMAX was full as was the regular 2D screen. Theaters were this sold at 10:00 AM that day when I purchased the tickets on-line (I could see the sold seats because this theater does assigned seating).

Everyone's market will have different people and different turnouts.

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