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Submission + - Windows is Free! (

Stefan Gustavson writes: "This is an excellent article by Dave Gutteridge on why Windows can keep the market dominance when there is a 100% free alternative available. Linux is free, so why don't more people use it? Because they are already using Windows and lots of other commercial software for free! Software piracy is actually helping Microsoft, and holding free software back. The article is well written and well put. You should read it."

Submission + - The Mozilla Manifesto: an Internet call to arms

Apfel writes: Mozilla's Mike Shaver sits down for a long interview with Ars Technica to talk about the Mozilla Manifesto. "I think the manifesto does need to be something that will cause us discomfort at times," he says, "where we'll have to sit there and say, 'It feels like we want to do this, but it really conflicts with one of these things,' and that's a sign that we'll have to be really careful." The article then looks at the ways that the manifesto has guided Mozilla's behavior to date, and why it makes the company uncomfortable sometimes.

Submission + - 8 reasons not to use MySQL (and 5 to adopt it)

Esther Schindler writes: "Database decisions are never easy, even — or maybe especially — when one choice is extremely popular. To highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the open-source MySQL DBMS, asked two open-source experts to enumerate the reasons to choose MySQL and to pick something else. Tina Gasperson takes the 5 reasons to use MySQL side, and Brent Toderash discusses 8 reasons not to. Note that this isn't an "open source vs proprietary databases" comparison; it's about MySQL's suitability in enterprise situations."

Submission + - Flood Manhattan like "An Inconvenient Truth

Leszek Pawlowicz writes: "If you saw the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", you might remember the animations showing the effects of sea level rise on Manhattan. I've come up with a way to match, and even surpass, those animations in Google Earth using free data and software. While the videos and the Google Earth KMZ file at the link are for Manhattan, same as the movie, you could create a similar high-spatial-resolution flooding animation for anywhere in the world, since I describe the creation process in mind-numbing detail. And unlike the movie, if you turn on the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth and view at an oblique angle, you can watch the water level rise up the side of buildings, and even cover them completely."

Submission + - Domain Keys gets Nod from Internet Standards Body

* * Beatles-Beatles writes: " ets+nod/2100-1029_3-6185904.html

A key Internet standards body gave preliminary approval on Tuesday to a powerful technology designed to detect and block fake e-email messages called Domain keys. Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Sendmail and PGP Corporation are behind the push for DomainKeys, which the companies said in a joint statement will provide "businesses with heightened brand protection by providing message authentication, verification and traceability to help determine whether a message is legitimate."

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