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Comment Re: Doublethink? Try watching the interview before (Score 1) 659

Actually, sweetheart, let's put this to bed. Transcript of the part of the exchange in question:

CT: You did not answer the question of why the President asked the White House Press Secretary to come out in front of the podium for the first time and utter a falsehood [emphasis mine]. Why did he do that? It [emphasis mine] undermines the credibility of the entire White House Press Office.

KAC: No it [emphasis mine] doesn't. Don't be so overly dramatic about it [emphasis mine] Chuck. You're saying it's [emphasis mine] a falsehood. And they're giving ... Sean Spicer, our Press Secretary gave alternative facts.

Now, what you're saying is:

Conway was talking about facts [emphasis mine] that weren't being reported (i.e., other things Spicer said),

So, you're talking about multiple facts, several things. CT and KAC are clearly talking about a singular thing, the "uttered a falsehood" CT was asking about. This is plain. This is obvious. And the singular thing that they are both talking about is the LIE that more people attended the inauguration than ever before. The same question she over and over and over again tried to evade.

There is NO QUESTION that's what she was referring to. NONE. Unless ... You're either a) brainwashed, b) a giant apologist, or c) just plain stupid. One thing you are certainly not is rational.

Comment Re: Doublethink? Try watching the interview before (Score 1) 659

Hahaha. Too funny sweetheart. I'm pounding the table? I'm not self-aware? I'm throwing a fit?

You're defending a proven lie and distorting facts, and you dare suggest I'm out of touch?!?!? You clearly have no clue how stupid you make yourself look. Because you're too stupid to realize it.

C'mon, I dare you to try bring some FACTS to show how Trump, Spicer and Conway ALL didn't lie. Prove that their claims that the inauguration was the biggest ever is true. C'mon, lets deal with FACTS.

Comment Re: Doublethink? Try watching the interview before (Score 1) 659

because neither facts nor law are on your side.

Hate to break it to you sweetheart, but facts ARE on my side. (I don't know what you think law might have to do with it, though. If the rest of your post wasn't so magnificently idiotic, that would stand out as pathetically stupid) Conway lied, Spicer lied, and Trump lied. This is so fucking obvious only a fucking retard (everyone's looking at YOU) would think otherwise.

Comment Re:FSF suckers can suck my dick (Score 1) 231

They say they are clarifying things, but recasting "intellectual property" as "imaginary property" gains nothing. Recasting "Digital Rights Management" as "Digital Restrictions Management" gains nothing.

It only gains nothing if you're too stupid (or just refuse) to realize the terms "Imaginary Property" and "Digital Restrictions Management" are the correct terms for what is actually happening. That's clarity.

Comment Re:Any chance we can act like adults this time? (Score 1) 316

Please look at the scum who cut off children's heads in CAR to understand what real tyranny is.

Yea, good thing we don't have reactionaries calling for someone to be hanged without due process like this guy (Former CIA director James Woolsey) or this guy (Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton). (Yes, they're former ... do you really think their replacements are any better? That's what's really painful

Comment Re:iPad (Score 1) 370

Nexus 10 is the SAME PRICE as a base ipad and the same specs.

Same price, yes. But otherwise, TOTAL BULLSHIT. You could, you know, actually educate yourself by looking at Nexus 10 specs vs. Apple iPad specs, but here are some highlights:

Nexus 10: CPU: Dual-core A15, GPU: Quad-core Mali TS04
iPad: Dual-core A5 Chip (CPU and GPU combined, ugh)

Nexus 10: 2560 x 1600 (300 ppi)
iPad: 1024-by-768 resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)

RAM: Nexus 10: 2GB
iPad: 512MB (actually had to look that one up on Wikipedia ... can't imagine why Apple doesn't want to advertise that).

There's more, but you can see (if you take your Apple blinders off) that the iPad isn't even in the same ballpark as the Nexus 10.

Comment Re:I already find alcohol intolerable (Score 1) 350

I'm a social drinker, but even then I drink very little, mostly just mixing it with soda to make it look like I drink as much as the others, because I don't want my alcohol tolerance to go down. I hate pills for pain, so, instead I drink a beer or two, which is usually plenty to put me to sleep on bad nights.

And then after you get off of your high horse about people who chose to drink you might look at some facts that show alcohol interferes with sleep.

Oh, sorry, didn't mean to interfere with your smugness.

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