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Comment Re:I'm not ready to jump to conclusions (Score 1) 737

Nope. The design of the door lock switch precludes its accidental activation in the manner you suggest. You must lift the switch and move it to the desired position.

Your other suggestion that he tried to manipulate the switch while passing out and locked the door accidentally also is so unlikely that it borders on fantastical delusion. The default setting for the switch is a mode that magnetically locks the door when it closes, just like a door on a latch. In this mode, anyone entering their valid access code from outside, will gain entry in a few seconds if no action is taken from inside the cockpit. In other words, the default setting of the switch would have been enough to allow the pilot or crew to gain access in plenty of time to save the plane.

If that weren't enough, ADS-B data shows the co-pilot also reset the auto-pilot to 100 feet. An action that requires several very deliberate steps. It's very much looking like this guy just wanted to crash the plane.

Comment Re:This is the future (Score 3, Insightful) 182

Haha, you Slashdot freedom fighters are so funny. Do you have any idea why Valve was so popular in the first place? It's because they could sell games on Windows, and the games just magically keep on working through the years, from XP => Vista => 7 => 8. And all this thanks to Microsoft, not Valve.

What drivel. No wonder you ACd. Microsoft sell a platform, Valve had a enterprising idea 10 years ago that used the platform and it's been a success. Now Microsoft want to get into Appstores, in typical "me too" Microsoft fashion. This is a threat to Valve's business and so like a responsible company head, Newell is working on a plan B, in case MS decide to make it much harder for Steam to exist on Windows.

And how much did Valve pay Microsoft for all those sold games on Microsoft's platform? Not a goddamn cent. There's no appstore.

Microsoft got paid through Windows sales, it is in their interests to make that platform appealing. They even took the piss by forcing newer Windows releases on gamers using arbitrary restrictions. Do Adobe pay Microsoft every time someone buys Photoshop?

And the REAL irony? Now Valve wants to sell their own app store to Linux gamers

I don't think you know what irony means. And what's the RRP on SteamOS?

Comment Rush? (Score 1) 188

It's not necessarily in the company's best interest to rush such a platform to market, even if billions of dollars potentially hang in the balance

Rush? You've had an SDK for "iOS" since 2008. If a version of MS Office ever appeared, I think you could call MS' reaction positively glacial.

Comment Re:Dolphin is a fantastic browser... (Score 1) 251

Xscope is a surprisingly great Android browser, considering I never hear anyone mention it. It has a great feature that renders all white page space in black and text in grey to prolong your battery life.

Supports flash, if that's your sort of thing (with push to load), adblock and has an incognito mode.

It wipes the floor with chrome, Firefox and opera for gestures and full-screen browsing. Really, do we have to stare at an address bar all the time on a mobile device?

Comment Re:Most important question (Score 2) 165

And there is another interesting feature that I've found, only my PS3 can play and handle1080p / 60fps high-bitrate footage plus Dolby Digital without any problem, even my Sandy Bridge laptop can't really play that without frame drops full screen.

Then you have a problem with the configuration of your laptop. I play back 20-50Mbps 1080p video everyday, on a system with an Atom CPU and ION 2 GPU. I've thrown a few 60fps files at it too and it never drops frames.

The PS3 is nothing special in this regards and it's actually a terrible choice as a general video player because Sony have abitrarily limited its container and codec support.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, UK has become Uncle Sam's lapdog (Score 1) 1065

Is this a joke post?
We have just changed it. We got a conservative government in all but name, even though only 36% of voters wanted them.
Before that we had a Prime Minister that no-one voted for and before that, well, Tony Blair.
Voting doesn't matter now. All you have to do is make sure all your pals in corporatown, your lackies and whatever poor saps who believe what they hear in an election campaign, vote your way.
Then it's 4 years of pretending you give a shit, while changing the legal landscape in favour of said private business pals, then off to your cushy consultancy job and your multi-million pound homes in Surrey.

Comment Re:Can it play from the disc? (Score 1) 202

Correct. The copyright holders do not want this to happen, or precedent will be set and the law will be reviewed. Far better to scare the common folk into compliance with "You wouldn't steal a car" and important-sounding legalese messages every 30 seconds, reminding you you're probably a criminal for ripping that Pingu DVD.

Submission + - Honda Unveils UNI-CUB Balancing Mobility Device (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: Honda has released details of a new personal mobility device dubbed the UNI-CUB. An evolution of the U3-X unicycle EV that has been shown globally since the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, the UNI-CUB employs the same impressive balance control technology and omni-directional wheel as its predecessor, with the biggest differences appearing to be the addition of an extra wheel, a comfier perch and optional user control via a mobile phone or tablet.

Comment Re:that's the reason I prefer the pirate version (Score 1) 587

I posted this above, but depending on your requirements, Blu-Ray on Linux may not be that tedious.

MakeMKV will take care of ripping the stream for you and Handbrake will transcode from the mkv. Personally, I prefer to not transcode, which means I have the Blu-Ray title in my XBMC library and ready to watch in 30 mins or so. I don't have a huge Blu-Ray library, but I've yet to come across a title it cannot decrypt.

Mostly, I don't need subs, but if you want to transcode and need subtitles, there are methods that aren't painful. Because XBMC is so flexible, it can support a myriad of subtitle formats. If the subtitles add-on for XBMC cannot locate a suitable sub from one of the many online sources (which is rare in my experience), there are several tools that can export the subtitle stream from the mkv into a format XBMC is happy with.
Basically, there are no barriers for me now and although it's not perfect (I'd prefer to be able to buy my media in an open format to begin with), at least I can now enjoy the brilliant high-bitrate video streams of Blu-Ray format in a way that's extremely convenient to me.

Comment Re:Educate the public? (Score 1) 587

I would happily purchase content but I cannot bear the optical media format - mainly due to the fact that I have a centralised media centre with XBMC running on several devices. If I could purchase a disk, rip it straight to the server and never touch it again that would be great. So far, I can handle DVDs to but the anti-ripping measures of BluRay have so far stopped me from upgrading my viewing experience to HD.

I use the same setup and until fairly recently was in the same boat regarding Blu-Ray. Have you tried MakeMKV? Granted you'll have to invest in a BR drive for your PC, but they are not expensive. Now I can enjoy the product I want (the content), in an un-encumbered, transferrable format that's a bit-perfect reproduction of the feature. Also, if I want, I can transcode it to whatever format I feel like.

When I see news about services like Paramount's new online store, I have to shake my head and wonder what on earth the content providers are smoking.

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