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Comment This is completely a non-issue with the ISPs (Score 0) 147

The simple answer why we don't hear an answer to "Have you or has your ISP fixed your bufferbloat yet?" is because the ISPs have been usin cut-through routing and forwarding that do not suffer from the buffer bloat. Modern internet does not suffer from this problem. Maybe your home lab with a Linux router does, but that is of no concern of the ISPs.

Comment So much agree to this (Score 1) 162

I'm contemplating on cancelling Netflix just for their shitty quality (that is so visible on a 4K with HDR colors screen! And I'm on a 350Mbit/s connection so it's not the bitrate). Added this to what you mentioned regarding hard to find _interesting_ and being settling on _something_ is not making the service compelling enough to stay subscribed.

Submission + - Hackers Claim To Be Selling NSA Cyberweapons In Online Auction

blottsie writes: A group of hackers identifying themselves as the Shadow Brokers claims to have hacked the NSA's Equation Group, a team of American hackers that have been described as both "omnipotent" and "the most advanced" threat cyberspace has ever seen.

On the Shadow Brokers' website, the group has shared a sample of data that some cybersecurity experts say lends credibility to the breach. The the hackers' asking price for what they claim is a cache of NSA-built cyberweapons.

Comment Opposing nuclear energy is very short-sighted (Score 1) 485

Opposing nuclear energy is very short-sighted and without constant R&D and improvements of existing reactors will let other countries to surpass technology-wise in the nuclear field. Also demand for electricity will only go up especially as the transportation moves away from petrol to electricity. Effort has to be put into creating tight regulation rules and investment into safer reactors instead of bluntly opposing nuclear energy as a whole. We can start talking about abandoning nuclear energy when solar or other safer technologies mature, however we are not there yet and we need electricity now.

Comment Google can do that (Score 1) 95

Google Chrome (45-50% desktop+mobile browser market share) can stop trusting all certificates signed Symantec and display security warnings encouraging users to change Certification Authority. Aside of essentially losing the future certificate business, many customers will require refund for already purchased certificates. So yeah, Symantec will just comply with whatever Google says.

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