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Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 428

Artists get their share from total income and free tier income is much lower (only advertisement). Free tier then push down price per stream, see https://thetrichordist.com/2015/09/03/spotify-per-stream-rates-continue-to-drop-00408-more-free-users-less-money-per-stream/. But in general, if there is free tier, it is sufficient for many users and they have little need for paid tier. It is hard to compete with free, especially when Spotify will get their 30% no matter what. http://www.spotifyartists.com/spotify-explained/#how-we-pay-royalties-overview

Comment Re:Afterwards? (Score 1) 203

The car comes to a stop and the driver gets out and asks if I'm okay. I may have some bumps and bruises, but I'm good.

Since this is autonomous vehicle, do not worry about the driver. Maybe it is empty car just heading to pick up passenger. So there you are - in the middle of the street, nobody around - just you glued to the car. Hopefuly they will have loud enough loudspeakers, so the Google Assistant can keep apologizing until someone comes to the rescue :)

Comment Re:We don't need to "kill" anything (Score 1) 265

How many devices on those list are 7+ inch? That's the point. There are few devices that are marginally higher DPI than few years old iPhone screen. But we are still speaking about mobile phones, not tablets. Reading PDFs on high-dpi 4 inch phone doesn't really improve anything, it's meaningless. 10 inch screen with similar DPI as iPad 3 is very fine for reading usual documentation. So, we're still waiting for decent competition in this area.

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