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Comment Leaked conversation (Score 2) 65

Alleged Agent: You are trying to frame me.
CIA Eliza: Don't you ever say Hello?

Alleged Agent: I have just been doing my job like any other businessman.
CIA Eliza: What does that suggest to you?

Alleged Agent: You must think I have broken the law.
CIA Eliza: We were discussing you, not me.

Alleged Agent: I only said my government will protest your treatment of me.
CIA Eliza: Why are you concerned about my treatment of you?

Alleged Agent: The State Department doesn't take kindly to this sort of thing.
CIA Eliza: What makes you think that?

Alleged Agent: You are a bastard and you know it.
CIA Eliza: Perhaps you would like to be a bastard and me know it?

Submission + - Custom written music for robot guitarist and drummer

millwall writes: Squarepusher, a popular electronic musician out of the UK, has composed a piece called “Sad Robot Goes Funny” in collaboration with Japan’s party robot band, Z-Machines. The band boasts a 78-fingered guitarist rocking out with 12 picks and a dreadlocked 22-armed robot drummer. The guitar-bot can do things that would be anatomically impossible for humans. It’s fast, precise, and — with fingers working independently of one another — effortlessly lays down four guitar parts on just two guitars. The project is reviewed by SingularityHUB

Comment Re:Useless without context (Score 1) 244

As a hobby I write some music which I publish independently on Spotify and some other platforms such as iTunes.

I use a service called and apart from their charges I have no middle hands whatsoever.

My songs seem to average nearly 4 times as much revenue as Anssi Kela's. I get around $0.008 per Spotify stream (slightly different payments apply depending on in which country a Spotify user plays a song). Here are some stats for one of my songs:

Month Streams Total
Aug 2013 670 $5.41
Jul 2013 616 $4.92
Jun 2013 561 $4.51
May 2013 608 $4.38
Apr 2013 825 $6.16
Mar 2013 1,333 $9.46
Feb 2013 990 $7.46
Jan 2013 1,123 $8.51

My take on the process is that I see Spotify as a way for me to make music publicly available on the same terms as the major publishers. As an independent musician this is a god send.

As for compensation, in the digital era where no one (this includes publishers and independent musicians) can expect big money per song sale or stream, I think what I earn from streams is very reasonable. It should be noted of course that the revenue for the example listed above are peanuts, but should I now publish as song which will become a hit, I have a viable method of reaching my audience and still earn some money from what is essentially just marketing of my music.

Comment Guesswork (Score 0) 642

Let's just say that Microsoft didn't do anything from scratch. While I did not dive deep into the file system drivers, I suspect that Microsoft looked very hard at some of the principles that worked years ago in both ZFS and then Btrfs and got the "inspiration" to develop something very similar.

So why didn't you?

Because you can't?

So you're just guessing? Impressive!


Submission + - Facebook user data published on thepiratebay (

millwall writes: The BBC reports that personal details of 100m Facebook users have been collected and published on the net by a security consultant. The list, which is being shared on thepiratebay as a torrent, contains the URL of every searchable Facebook user's profile, their name and unique ID. In a statement, Facebook said that the information in the list was already freely available online. "People who use Facebook own their information and have the right to share only what they want, with whom they want, and when they want," the statement read.
PC Games (Games)

King's Quest Fan Project The Silver Lining Is Back 61

LoTonah writes "After eight years of development and a Cease & Desist from Vivendi, King's Quest fan project The Silver Lining is back in action. From the website: 'We are extremely happy to announce that our project, The Silver Lining, will definitely see the light of day! In a wonderful turn of events, Activision reached out to the Phoenix Online team a few months ago with a desire to revisit their decision regarding The Silver Lining. After negotiations, the C&D has been officially rescinded, and Phoenix Online has been granted a non-commercial license to release The Silver Lining! Our team is ecstatic about this, and as hard as we've worked for eight years, it's the tireless belief and support of you, our fans, that has made this possible.' The first episode of the project is due to be released on July 10."

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