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Comment Pray to whatever god you worship (Score 5, Interesting) 71

This stuff is nasty.

1- Have spotless offline backups of everything
2- Lock down share permissions
3- Lock down admins on permissions domain level
4- Lock down admins on local machine level
5- Pray

I had to deal with this garbage once earlier this year on a custom domain with awful permissions management. It was bad enough from a single source\spread to shares perspective. I can't imagine the damn thing acting like a worm at the same time. Potentially career ending because 1- your enterprise gets owned so hard and 2- you never want to touch a computer again once you have to try to clean it up.

Comment No Chinese gov hackers in those systems - too old (Score 1) 267

There is something to be said about using ancient tech when it works well. Extremely few people out there able to exploit it. As long as it does the job it needs to do reliably, why go ape $*&^ and start trying to spend time and money running it all on new, vulnerability riddles OS's and networked programs. I think any of us in the IT world have seen the latest and greatest ruin a good, smooth process permanently.

The huge consideration here being that the old tech is indeed reliable, efficient, and functional.

Comment 50 years to flying drone "cars" (Score 1) 381

Remember envisioning a future where everyone was flying around in their own flying car under their own control? Yeah that's not going to happen.

HOWEVER, I do believe that we will see the skies filled with autonomous flying "drone cars". Out of the hands of commuter's control.

- 5 years from now - It won't be uncommon to see autonomous semi trucks and some autonomous passenger vehicles on the freeways.
- 15 years from now - You will be able to call in, ride in, and get dropped off by an autonomous road car serving as a taxi service. No more car ownership needed.
- 50 years from now - same thing will be available, but with commuter distance flying option as well.

That's my uneducated prediction anyhow

Comment Actual Work - they can't do it anyway (Score 1) 866

"Good luck convincing many citizens to do actual work".

IMO the huge majority of people who would be perfectly happy to sit around doing nothing with a basic income wouldn't be producing any work/effort of significance anyhow even with our current day standard of "no money with no job". Call center lifers. Fast food lifers. Minimum wage lifers in general.

Add to this the fact that you would then completely scrap the current unemployment/disability benefit systems and the increase in cost across society in tax load wouldn't increase as much as feared. It would increase. Especially on companies and the richest 10% of people.

Comment Re:Isn't that -more- expensive? (Score 1) 352

You have to take into consideration the expense + day to day usability desires of the people/families involved.

The 'at home' plan may be cheaper, but they aren't willing to abandon their mobile device. They would be tied down to sitting at home for internet only, with no data enabled cell phone.

People are willing to pay for the wireless plan because they can use it anywhere and then cut the at home internet line to save SOME money.

Comment If this happened during Republican president years (Score 1) 227

Then we'd see the exact same arguments for and against these jobless numbers amongst the exact same people - with the major caveat that the exact same people would be a the polar opposite ends of the argument spectrum.

That's how stupid factional political identification has become.

Comment Pirated != lost sale (obvious) (Score 1) 221

This seems like the most obvious thing in the world. But the lawyers and executives of the entertainment world don't want to accept the reality that when someone pirates their stuff it doesn't equal a lost sale. Not even close. The majority of the pirates would not suddenly go drop money on the product if they could not pirate. They would just do without because they don't care that much.

If you care and you can afford it you buy the product.
If you care and you can't afford it you don't buy the product.
If you don't care and can afford it you don't buy the product.
If you don't care and you can't afford it you don't buy the product.

Comment This security disaster was obvious day 1 of "IoT" (Score 1) 156

Anyone who ever helped their grandma or mother with their laptop could see this disaster coming from the invention of the term "IoT". IPv4 security + millions of people just plug and playing internet facing equipment = L. O. L. levels of an ugly mix of executive stupidity, investor greed, and public ignorance.

Comment Re:I love host file ad blocking for this reason (Score 1) 159

Well I can't speak for what the creator/maintainer of the giant Malvertiser DNS list may or may not do with post board spamming. But I do know I have very few adds show up on any site I visit, and know for sure they don't load because they all point to when they try. And it's been working like that for years. And that's all that matters to me.

Comment Income inequality growth related (Score 4, Interesting) 78

Outside of the just the concern about robotic systems replacing formerly human jobs is the expanded conversation about growth in income inequality. You know the board of directors aren't going to AI themselves out of their jobs. At least not before everyone else is. Which means all that same corporate profit is funneling to fewer and fewer people.

If there is going to be a serious discussion about how to try to keep free, modern cultures in a healthy state in relation to income inequality, then automation needs to be a part of that discussion.

Comment "Fixing" this ruins mileage of these cars (Score 1) 420

This is a nightmare scenario really for VW and anyone else involved in owning/fixing these cars. It's most likely going to cost thousands per car to add the system necessary to clean the NOx gasses out of the exhaust that larger trucks use. And there is a good chance additional modifications will be needed that will likely give a significant hit to fuel mileage. These manufacturers are staring down the barrel of thousands of dollars per car fixes plus class action lawsuits up the wazoo from customers who's cars are suddenly getting double digit worse mileage.

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