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Comment Re:Basic Income (Score 1) 888

For the Google impaired readers of the parent's comment:

Some real-life have taken place in different parts of the world, with positive outcomes (further down in the linked article).

Comment No drafting (Score 2) 109

As TFA pointed out, no actual drafting is shown. While it's a nice way to visualize a part, I can't see myself using this to do any actual modeling work with this kind of input (gorilla arm, etc...). We might get there someday, but that'll take a smart input system that doesn't defeat the flexibility of the software in the process.

Nothing to see here.

Comment Re:Movies used to be about the art, the story. (Score 1) 1029

There was supposed to be a Star Trek reboot movie, but it really should have been called Lens Flare.

The french animation industry actually parodied that in Dragon Hunters (good CG animation feature, btw), check it out and enjoy:

Comment Re:Don't use Microsoft (Score 1) 193

Replying to self since more conclusions dawned on me after posting :

Beyond having to think about everything you do on a device, I would argue that this is exactly how you "imprison" peoples' minds. Freedom of speech is gone as a consequence as everyone starts hesitating about what they'll say using a device.

Going even further down this rabbit hole, well past Orwellian realities, this kind of surveillance could also allow our "leaders" to selectively cull the herd of those that speak against and oppose the "system". It's a known fact that this was already going on during the days of the KGB, individuals singled out wouldn't be able to find work etc... The next few years will be quite interesting indeed.

Comment Re:Don't use Microsoft (Score 1) 193

That's exactly the problem with this situation : trust is broken. Now that the general public is aware of the surveillance system built into each and every electronic device, how can anyone look at those the same way ever again?

For instance, Microsoft pushed a 20MB update to the "malicious software removal tool" on Wednesday, after all the patches that came out on Tuesday, on its own. I found myself wondering whether it could be the next Stuxnet. Do we, users, have to suspect everything coming off the internet now? What kind of crap is that? I , for one, want my computers and internet back to the way (we thought?) they were before becoming tools of tyranny. Having to second guess anything one does on a device is an exquisite form of torture on its own...

PS : Frank Zappa had an excellent song about this when watergate happened : "Dickie's (Nixon) Such an Asshole".

Comment Re:Terrorists! (Score 1) 157

In the end, Muslim leaders blame the West for their trouble and western leaders blame Islam for their trouble. The problem isn't a religious one : most people on the planet are inherently well meaning regardless of differences. The problem that the majority of the population on either sides seems to be oblivious to is that our "leaders" blame each other while sitting back and enjoying the show and will come up with some new reason to blame the other camp whenever the time comes to squeeze the people a little harder.

If the majority of the world's population were to realize that, the situation should change for the better quite rapidly. Unfortunately, I fear that most can't see past the "weapons of mass distraction"... However I still hope that word of mouth and common sense will prevail given enough time.

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