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Comment Libre is better except... (Score 1) 642

1. Libre/Open office needs to figure out that tables are NOT spreadsheets. When I select a row and hit ^X, it should delete the entire row, not just the data. Same with moving rows.

2. Libre/Open office makes it nearly impossible to hide text. With word, there is a formatting option, "hidden." With Libre, you have to set up a rule, write a bunch of Visual Basic, access a database.... I exaggerate, but not much.

One note: I'm working on a document in Open Office that's about 450 pages on a netbook with 1 gig of memory, a single 1Ghz processor, and it's perfectly usable. (Ubuntu netbook remix)

Comment a few ideas (Score 1) 212

Webex works better than skype for most of what we do. Seeing the other people isn't as valuable as being able to present a desktop, in my experience. Get a headset.

If your remote desktop is Linux, you'll want xWin32. You can't effectively run KDE without it (that I know of), and Gnome works better with it. Unfortunately, it's not free. If you're willing to suffer with Gnome, you can use VNC, but it's buggy.

Not sure how well webex works in Linux, but you can run both W7 and Linux on the same box using virtual machines, as many have pointed out. I recommend VMWare, as it seems a tad more stable than Virtual Box. "VMWare Player" (that's what you want, which is tricky to determine from their confusing product page) is free for Windoze and Linux, but I think it's $$ for the Mac. At least, one of my colleagues reported having to pay for it. I don't run a Mac, but I run WXP, W7, SuSE, Mint, and Ubuntu net remix.

We have a VPN ... I regard that as essential. You can fake it with ssh, but it's clumsy.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

    -= miles =-

Comment Groovy? (Score 1) 783

The nice thing about groovy is that it interoperates with java smoothly, since I'm gathering that the native Android APIs are in Java.

However, I think what you really want is a scripting language that's geared for writing miniature touchscreen/phone apps. Which is something that may not exist yet.

I picture things like location and orientation incorporated into the native language, the way threads are in Java. Mind you, I do not have one of these devices, but I like Groovy.

Comment One word: tables (Score 2) 980

the Libre/open office team(s) haven't yet figured out that tables are not spreadsheets. When I hit ctl+X with a row selected, I want to cut the row, not just the data. As a consequence, moving rows around in Libre/OO is simply painful.

Also, their implementation of hidden text is ridiculous. It takes about fifteen steps, versus about two that it takes in Word (select, set as 'hidden')

I say that as a longtime OO user, and advocate evan. I use it on my netbook constantly for writing novels, presentations, what have you. I love the fact that you can open documents in windows and Linux both, and that it does better than M$ Office sometimes, opening M$ documents. (Particularly true of Office 2003, with XML docx... thought OO has a nasty bug that deletes annotations when you save in docx format).

For basic writing and formatting, OO equals or surpasses M$ Office. I just wish they would fix the two above design flaws.

Comment OK tech, weak plot towards the end (Score 1) 395

It was written like the plot of a video game, not surprisingly, since that's what Mr. Suarez does for a living. Very mechanical, not much in the way of human characters. I found it difficult to care much about any of them. A good beginning, but I felt cheated as the questions were answered. For example, why would this guy murder all these people who helped him? It seems like it would have more sense to choose an accomplice from those he knew while he was alive.

A truly unrealistic feature of Daemon is that nothing ever seems to go wrong. Devices run for years in the outdoor weather without a glitch. Right. I mean, sure, the main character's a "genius," but to write that amount of code without any bugs whatsoever? More realism on that count would have made for a better story.

Suarez could lay off some of the gore. Callous and unrealistic. Superficial pseudo-action, just the sort that would to appeal to, well, a hard core gamer who doesn't get out much.


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