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Comment Re:I hate xcode 4 (Score 1) 72

Seriously... I might as well just be using an ordinary text editor and a command line compiler.

But..but...that wouldn't require you to have the latest version of OS X (since XCode 4 is now distributed through the AppStore and dropped support for the 10.5 API), would leave you with over 4GB more of hard drive space (what's the point in having all that space if you're not going to use it?), and not require you to re-download the full installer every time there was a point upgrade!

Why would you ever want THAT?

Comment Re:slashdot (Score 1) 297

I'm using Chrome/Ubuntu 10.10 on an ASUS netvertible which uses one of the older low-powered Atom chips clocked at 1.33GHz, and while Slashdot definitely isn't the snappiest website, it loads decently quickly and scrolls smoothly for me. I don't understand where this unattainably high standard for the Slashdot JS came from. Much worse are Disqus powered websites! Of course nothing comes close to the mess of JS that is Facebook...

Comment Re:Don't forget Advertisers! (Score 2, Informative) 202

Both Hulu and Facebook allow you to thumbs up and thumbs down ads. I know Facebook opens a little AJAX pop up asking for some comments when you thumb down, but I've never actually done it on Hulu to know if it's more than a binary entry. On a related note of better, more watchable ads, Hulu should really increase the variety of ads shown to users. I can't even begin to describe my hatred for the HP TouchSmart PC or Carmax as a result of extensive Hulu watching.

Comment Re:I don't think ads were the sticky issue with Bo (Score 3, Insightful) 166

Hulu is a (perhaps illegal) collusion among NBC, FOX, and ABC (via their respective owners) to provide a "just right" level of service via the Internet -- enough that people are not (as) tempted by BitTorrent/iTunes, but not enough to make for a better experience than that available on a TV.

While I agree with your point, I don't agree with this comment. Hulu to me is significantly more convenient than watching the shows on TV. There is a significant amount of overhead involved with a DVR (the ones from the cable manufacturers are worse than not having one, PC ones require a constantly running power-hungry computer, etc.)

Hulu lets me watch the shows on my schedule, and while I think the network's availability restrictions are dated and costing them business, I would much rather watch four 30 second commercials than fool with everything else. Now, if Hulu increases ads beyond what they currently are, I can't say I'd stick with the service.


Submission + - Android Ported to Older HTC Devices (

milas writes: "Android has been successfully ported to various older HTC devices including the TyTN II (AT&T Tilt) and HTC Vogue (Sprint Touch/Verizon VX6900). Although unfinished, many features are working, and it is suitable for everyday use if you're willing to put up with a few niggles (and obviously you are if you own a Windows Mobile phone). Applications can even be downloaded from the Marketplace, but like the Dev Phone 1, it is currently banned from paid apps. Everything is run off an SD card at the moment, so there is no firmware flashing involved, and the install is easy and quick. If you own a compatible device, be sure to give it a try, and if you don't, you should obviously be porting it to your device. Currently development is pretty spread out across various forums and websites, but the Android on HTC Wiki or #htc-linux on Freenode are good places to get started."

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