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Comment Re:I'm postponing buying toothpaste (Score 1) 291

That's because insurance companies are in business because of people suffering, not getting better.
If your laser-dentist does his/her job too well, you don't need follow-up appointments, painkillers, ENT surgeries, the works, all paid for by you ('own risk') and your fellow premium payers, neatly converted into huge profits by the medi-scammers.

Comment Re:Agreed. (Score 1) 594

Congratulations, you won the Puzzle Prize!

For the unlucky ones (_don't_ despair, see below):

- The answer to the Symmetry Breaker riddle: Instant Multi-ball! An exponentially increasing cascade of them, actually, sticking to everything else and making the ride more manageable.
- Smilies: they should have sent some into space (especially those 60's / 70's 'acid house' ones) with SETI instead of those elaborate patterns'n'stuff. Would prove that humans have both self-knowledge _and_ knpw where their towels are: don't take things too seriously. Sending anything else just may piss off ET by underestimating their intellect. (Also, who knows if some colonists from Despair Inc ever got trapped in orbit around a black hole (talk about a major depression!), they might appreciate the boost.)

Comment Re:fp (Score 1) 594

hrmpfh, been out of that stuff too long, must be 'hammer.knock((Nail &)gizmo);'

Anyway, make up your own Gizmo & Nail classes, then try it. Compiler won't complain if you want to nail yourself in the foot, that's the point, (type) pun intended.

Comment Re:fp (Score 1) 594

Oh, how I hate those "Build a gizmo in 15 minutes" advertutorials.

Here's mine:

#include <kitchensink>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
    everything_but_the(argc, argv);
    return 42-6*7;

Morale: all those "build an * in 15 minutes" quickies do is try to sell you on whatever libraries / frameworks included in the system, they teach you little to nothing about the usefulness of the language for building completely new things.

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