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Comment Re:Not the best idea (Score 1) 572

It's not my problem that AT&T is selling smartphones at a rate which their infrastructure cannot support. They're compounding their problems by offering an unlimited data plan, taboot.

Encouraging users to actually use the service for which they are already paying isn't a bad thing. If this interferes with E911 calls, AT&T has a lot of explaining to do.

However, FakeSteve isn't doing anyone favors by calling it a DDoS. Is it a DDoS if everyone picks up their landline at midnight on New Years Day? Is it a DDoS when everyone goes to the post office in the week leading up to Christmas?

Comment Re:Legality? (Score 1) 572

Is it a DDoS if users utilize a resource for which they have paid, using uncracked hardware (unjailbroken), using software which I legally downloaded from the app store, in a manner which is expected?

AT&T shot themselves in the foot by offering an "unlimited" data package.

Comment Unlimited Data (Score 1) 572

After reading AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega's opinion of users who actually use their unlimited data plan, I decided I wasn't using enough of my unlimited data plan. I streamed online radio via my work's Internet, which seemed silly. I'm paying $30/month for unlimited data to a newly purchased unjailbroken iPhone 3GS, using software I purchased through the app store.

I now stream Radio Paradise's 192kbps stream all day, every day, to my JBL iPhone dock.

This will not end well for AT&T if they decide to charge me for additional data on top of my current contract "unlimited" data plan. If they change the terms of my contract, I fully expect to be able to terminate my contract with no ETF, and keep my shiny new iPhone subsidized by AT&T's poor business strategies.

Comment Re:Killing the Goose... (Score 1) 395

That's exactly my experience and plan, except I'm getting itchy to stick it to Time Warner, and leave early, or call customer service and see if there's any wiggle room, and what the pricing options are for their business tier.

But certainly, having an ISP AUP that condones running a server at the end of their wire makes me sleep a little better at night.

Comment Re:Killing the Goose... (Score 1) 395

The local DSL provider in Rochester, Frontier, offers business class service for $69/month with two year contract. Includes one static IP, a no-bullshit AUP, 3mbit down/640kbit up. Price is $89/month with no contract.

I'm not a schill; Just went through the annoyance this afternoon of calling around to find a new ISP. I have a PC at my parents house in Rochester that I rsync to (geographical redundancy is your friend), and I often push 100GB/month of data. Yes it's legal, I'm a professional photographer. No, it's not porn.

Comment Re:Why Not Just Metered Service? (Score 1) 395

Or another option, throttle the bandwidth of "abusers", and be very open and transparent about it. Give users a control panel to their month usage, and show how much more data they can download/upload before they begin to get throttled.

Offer tiered pricing for more data transfer that doesn't get throttled. It's a win for consumers who don't feel nickle and dime'd, it's a win for the ISP's that are claiming poverty (even though TWC's profits are up).

Comment Re:I'm sorry to say... (Score 5, Informative) 330

Indeed... I was able to contact the ISS twice using low power (10 watts) and a simple vertical antenna. This is hardly newsworthy, as any Amateur Radio operator with a 2 meter radio (they start at $100) and a small vertical antenna can make contact, with a little luck.

Audio from my contact and others, as well as digital stills received from the ISS are at my website:

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