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Comment Re:The only people who will be opposed (Score 1) 350

Did an AA member kill your dog? That aside...

If they were truly your friends, you would steer them towards alternatives that work.

There are no "alternatives that work". AA and the alternatives all have low success rates. Additionally, what works for one may not work for another. I wouldn't go so far as to call the rehabilitation industry a scam, but there sure is money to be made despite low success rates across the board.

I wish 30 days at a Malibu treatment center would be guaranteed to work. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't. Instead I went the AA route. Did the cultish aspects work their magic? Nah, I mostly ignored that. Maybe it's just regularly showing up someplace with like folk. I do wonder what AA's success rate would be if the only ones that showed up were willing. I've been to AA meetings where I was the only person that didn't have to get a slip signed.

Comment Re:Why is it that iOS users would buy Office? (Score 1) 188

I think that's a problem Microsoft may have run into by waiting to release on iOS version of Office (if they ever do): some have learned that they don't need Office at all. In our household the one machine with Office is the Windows laptop my wife uses for work. Everything else gets done in Apple's iWork on either a Mac or iOS device. We own several copies of Office for Mac, but I eventually just quit installing it on new machines. We get along just fine.

The inertia of businesses is the only decent-sized market I see for Office for iOS. Everyone else has probably already found a solution, or never needed one to begin with.

Comment Re:Two Felonies! (Score 3, Insightful) 282

The worst part though was that his wife was also my boss... must say it was very difficult to take her seriously after that!

I hate to break it to you but for each individual boss you've had and will ever have, the odds are probably greater than 50% that they have sex. Smaller odds are that it might involve whipped cream, video equipment, or other add-ons. Your reaction to that is your problem, not theirs.

A better reason for not taking her seriously as a manager is that she's married to the CEO. Nepotism is a much more solid reason than sexual tastes.

Comment Re:This stunt by Apple (Score 1) 743

As far as "having to scroll to see it", try getting a device with proper screen resolution:

I don't know how to get any better than 2560x1440 without spending a large amount of cash (and this monitor set me back enough). I still have to scroll to see the bottom.

That said, the order never said anything about no having to scroll. I'm surprised it specified such a small 11 point font.

Comment Re:Charging Stations? (Score 1) 402

Where will the charging station get its power from? Coal, natural gas.... try to think it through.

You're in western Washington and you think your electricity comes from coal? My Leaf runs mostly on hydroelectric here in the Seattle area.

But the ones that aren't trying to think it through are those trotting out the same tired arguments. Even if western WA was powered by coal plants, it's easier to clean up one big plant than a million individual little power generators.

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