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Comment Re:Technicalities (Score 1) 198

I would advise you to go back to your course components on non-parametric and Baysean statistics.

Because a study isn't ideal (and I am not saying that small studies like this are ideal) does not mean that they are devoid of useful information. If you don't understand statistics well enough to use that information, then that's fine. But your incomprehension does not give you the right to go around accusing other people of fraud in a public place.

That sounds like I would say if I was running a fraudulent study.

Comment Re:Technicalities (Score 1) 198

Excuse the brevity, but if there's not enough resources to do a proper study, then why publish results? The results are bogus because of the sample size. At the end of the day, nine is not a sample; it's still a fraud. Publishing it as if it means anything is even more of a fraud. Coming on here to defend it is just silly.

Comment Re:Technicalities (Score 1) 198

I really hope you are paid to write that dribble.

Between all the name calling, I gather your point as expense of a medial trail being too expensive.

Because, come on... a trial with only nine subjects is not a trial... it's simply a fraud. Even, in the US you need a jury twelve to get a criminal conviction.

Like I care about the chimps... I care about humans. How many of those people get dosed for each monkey in your bogus-trial?

Comment The Answer is Subversion (Not the RCS) (Score 2) 430

If you really want to know, and you should want to know, then watch this video from a KGB agent that defected to the US just to explain this issue.

Basically the way it's explained, Russian's don't hate gays, and liberals won't protect them. They just see the gay movement as more of a way to attack the existing power structure. Is Clay Aiken really good for NC, or is he Chicken Little, setup on an issued that is only designed to get Chicken Little elected?

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